Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bring Them All Home


It's appalling that we're asking soldiers to risk their lives for no more strategic reason than avoiding the perception that we were run off.

I know Obama chose to give the COIN strategy a chance as a middle ground between continuing a failed strategy and abandoning Afghanistan altogether. I realize, because the effort in Afghanistan involves our NATO partners, that we have some complicated equities to consider in terms of state-to-state relations. Yet, what Obama should be looking for is an excuse to get out. They've been delegitimizing Karzai for a while, which I consider a precursor to justifying a bug-out. Maybe McChrystal's actions can provide another justification. If his own staff thinks the war should be more unpopular than it is then maybe it's time to sack the commanding general and replace him with one with instructions to wind this thing down on an accelerated timetable.

No one is really being fooled.

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