Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

USA USA USA!!!! Today decides whether or not the USA Men's Soccer team moves on to the next round. They are playing Algeria and it turns out someone had a little fun on Wikipedia before the game "In 2010, the country of Algeria gave way to complete anarchy and eventually dissolved after being crushed by the United States of America in the 2010 FIFA World Cup." BRILLIANT! In other news it is day three of my diet with INSANITY and I already feel better. Oh and the no alcohol rule. My apologies to the Drinking Liberally crowd as it is too early in the game for me to fall off the wagon.

Here are your highlights:

It is all about McChrystal today, but he still doesn't get it. (more fun on this later)

What a libertarian utopia looks like...

The Stanley Cup is coming to the Pride Parade as well as a Cubs float. Well done gentlemen.

I couldn't agree more with this, The Sort of New South

Pelosi: "Show us the Jobs"

Wonder why the banks keep getting off scott-free? Senators like New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, his despicable behavior of late is unacceptable and embarrassing. Chuck you are hereby called "Swipe" Schumer.


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