Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I am exhausted. Between the drama of the US v England World Cup game, to you know working really hard sitting on a boat all weekend. I am spent. LOL. Ok, I am just lacking sleep because I had to sleep in the galley of the boat on a couch. It stormed the first night. No sleep. The second night it was a little bit better, but still uncomfortable. So maybe four hours of sleep. Otherwise the weekend was quite lovely. The lady and I relaxed and did a whole lotta nothing which was exactly what the doctor ordered and enjoyed being with her folks. The best part was yesterday was beautiful and we got to go for a ride with Wrigley! (seen above) Hate to say it, but dogs make everything just a little bit sweeter.

Here are your highlights:

Bill Kristol wants more war!

This is gaining some momentum, Senate Dems want BP to set up 20 billion dollar escrow fund

The plight of the super rich

Oh the Euro is fun like Jenga

New Hope for Afghanistan? They have found unobtanium...

The Loon of Alabama. Want to know how crazy the Tea Party is? Want to know why it is impossible to take them serious as candidates? Want to see role playing and right wing extremism in one campaign ad? This tasty video by Rick Barber as it all and yes it is real.


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