Friday, October 30, 2009

Margaret Chin fit to be 1st Chinese-American Woman on New York City Counsel


In politics, as in life, big things often come in small packages.
Margaret Chin stands 4 feet 11, but the veteran community activist is casting a long shadow over the political landscape in New York.
Chin is poised to win election next month as the first Chinese-American on the New York City Council to represent New York's Chinatown, one of the largest concentrations of Chinese outside of mainland China.
She ousted a two-term incumbent in September's Democratic primary and will be on the ballot November 3 in a district that overwhelmingly favors Democrats.
If elected, she also will be the first Asian-American woman to join the 51-member body responsible for governing the country's largest and most diverse urban area.
Her likely win is another milestone in the political rise of a rapidly growing Asian-American community.

Chin comes from a family history many Asian-Americans can relate to and proves how far along Asian-Americans are coming in the political spectrum. She is one of three potential Asian-American candidates to take positions in New York. This not ony a great thing for New York's Chinatown, but Asian-American women in politics. Chin is described as New-Deal style Democrat and looks to call Mayor Bloomberg out.

"He needs to be a mayor for everyone. I think he's favoring the more well-to-do," she said. "New York City's working families have lots of needs, and he hasn't always been there for them."

Chin seems to have a bright future in New York and in Chinatown.

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For Fox Sake

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For Fox Sake!
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Ninja Thought

All you Trick or Treaters, are participating in something that is "Anti-Christian" and "dangerous"

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

It's Friday and Halloweeeennnnn mauahahahahaa. Okay I really don't care about Halloween, if you didn't get that yesterday I am sorry, let me repeat. It is not big deal to me. However lots of people like dressing up and being foolish. They like bobbing for apples only to stumble home either with that girl they will never commit to or alone to play XBox and cry at night surrounded by their own self-loathing never to remember they are still wearing a Miley Cyrus wig. Then they wake up the next morning going WTF? Am I a tranny? Oh it's Halloween. That's my take on the whole thing that and it's about the devil and since Martha Stewart says it is not about the devil; it most certainly is.

Here are your highlights:

The Defining Moment: for health care reform

Basketball season has started and D. Rose is BACK!

When I poop I would love to sit on a Guitar, no really

Here is a waste of money Abstinence Only Programs....

Seven members of Congress are under ethics investigation, why? Because of the military industrial complex of America

"What journalists are supposed to do?" by David Brooks...summary, questions Obama's manhood ("we conservatives like balls"), quote anonymous sources, take their word to support your war hawk ideology, repeat what you have said many times before and then finish it off with some witless slop about balls again. Every time I give Brooks the benefit of the doubt he just goes and turns it around by writing something this stupid


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Net Neutrality and the Curious John McCain

Jason Linkins Huff Post:

As we've previously discussed, Senator John McCain hates him some "net neutrality." And so, he's introducing the "Internet Freedom Act of 2009," that would give telecoms the "freedom" to turn the "internet" into a confounding and baffling ordeal that would suck, into infinity. Net neutrality, which McCain, inventor of the Blackberry, wants to do away with, would keep internet service providers from favoring some content packets over others. To borrow an example elucidated by Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, net neutrality is what prevents Time Warner, a provider, from slowing or blocking access to MSNBC in favor of CNN.
What would life be like under the "Internet Freedom Act?" Well, one Reddit user created an image that depicts the "worst case scenario." (see above)

When the history books about this decade are written I hope it includes the words "Sen. John McCain war-veteran, Presidential nominee failure and blithering idiot." Why anyone would take advice about the internet from "Tweet like a 12 year old" McCain, beats the hell out of me, but net neutrality is a key legislation that Republicans just like McCain are keen on screwing up.

Now how do I turn on these here YouTubes?

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Update: Apparently I know nothing, McCain knows less much less...

Brodsky: "It's almost as if he is trying to send a message rather than write serious legislation." Almost. Exactly whose message that would be is a mystery, though it's probably worth noting that McCain is the single largest recipient of funding from telecom industry interests in either the House or Senate.

Nemesis Malkin, Defacing the Flag is a "Far Left" Tactic

Because the loud mob of true Patriots

never shop at Wal-Mart

or the local gun shop

and their kids must be saved from the da gubbament

before they kill Grandma and Grandpa

and implement the evil socialist takeover by the Kenyan Barack Obama

 that upside down....

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Thursday is here, which means two things Flash Forward and then Halloween parties this weekend. I have never been one to embrace Halloween as much as others. Perhaps because my profession lends itself to costuming on the regular. Alas this year the lady and I are debating two possibilities, a certain celebrity couple with eight kids (I am Asian-American, she is White aka the Devil) or a variation of a delicious snack and a play on words. I know gag alert. Costumes and such and couples, but hey it's the price you pay when you want to hang out with friends and together for one night look as stupid as possible.

Here are your highlights:

Good News, the economy grew in the third quarter

In Chicago, when Daley fails, you get cool new ideas like making Cops and Firemen take unpaid work days

Stream the new Say Anything, I am excited for this album, since it isn't two discs long and no epic story being told. Max Bemis is still one of the most talented young songwriters out there, let's hope it doesn't get to his head too much

In a moment of Obama is not Bush...Obama attends the return of the fallen from Afghanistan in Dover. This will probably be spun some way by the Right, let's hope not, but it shows America what a President is supposed to do and acknowledges he knows what his decisions mean for our troops. For all those pushing for escalation this is a gut check


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GOP versus the AARP...Further Self Destruction of the Party

Talking Points Memo:

...we reported on the House GOP's plans to target AARP in the health care reform debate. Republican leaders say AARP is supporting changes to the Medicare system included in Democratic health care reform bills because they would result in more sales of AARP-branded insurance. They claim that "backroom deals" between executives of the AARP and Democratic leadership -- deals the GOP say are designed to protect the executives' high salaries -- led to the group's pro-Medicare reform rhetoric.
Yesterday, the message gained traction the right wing commentariat. AARP flatly denies the claims and says it's beginning to feel a little like the GOP's new ACORN.
"Oh, absolutely," an AARP official told TPMDC. "They're using their standard methods to target us."
Yesterday, right wing blogs and publications picked up the story. Michelle Malkin retweeted the House GOP talking points on the topic and Human Events published a story echoing the GOP claims. Malkin and the conservative magazine focused on the corruption message, highlighting the "back-room" dealing.

It should be obvious if the GOP alienates and attacks the Senior vote they lose. End game. They have already done their best to alienate the Hispanic vote with their Lou Dobbs anti-immigation rhetoric, the Asian vote is starting to waver and now Seniors. Who happen to be the last people on Earth who remember when the GOP had actual conservatives and not blood thirsty Wing-Nuts.

Also if you note that is arch nemesis Michelle Malkin leading the ACORN like attacks. KEEP IT UP!! WOOHOO!! AARP is evil, total communist, fascist non-tea bagger 50 plus and over!

Watching this kind of self-destruction is more fun that drinking a case of High Life with the guys from Jackass.

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Ninja Thought

It is safe to say reconciliation was the only way from the beginning... with Dems like these...

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Daily Show - Eff'DGhanistan

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Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

(seemed fitting)

Last night was a chill Drinking Liberally where we exhausted most of our time to the befuddlement of Joe Lieberman and the complicated torture proceedings. It was a candid and quite funny time despite the heavy lifting. All in all we have concluded the beers at Sheffield's are fantastic and we as citizen need to be full of unbridled RAGE! That's right, break shit, throw a temper tantrum and then blog about it. Or something. See I missed the whole point everyone was trying to make about four pints in...

Here are your highlights:

For the fans, Minus the Bear has a new song on their MySpace "Into the Mirror"

Uh-oh more proof the STIMULUS has worked...more please

In a heartbreaking story, CNN reports of a 15 year old girl who was gang raped for 2 1/2 hours while 20 students watched. I have a younger sister who now attends college and I can't help but think of what if this was her? We have a lot of things to work in our is scary how much. Hopefully these sick and disgusting students are brought to justice and the young girl can somehow recover from what might be insurmountable amounts of damage


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late Night Music with Owen

My favorite artist, Owen:

New Leaves, like its title suggests, is a new beginning for Mike Kinsella/Owen. It was recorded over the course of two years by multiple engineers such as Tim Iseler (Wilco), Brian Deck (Iron and Wine), Graeme Gibson (Califone), Nate Kinsella, and, yes, some recording at mom’s house.

New Leaves retains elements of earlier Owen material—but here, the arrangements are more elaborate, the song structures more complex, and the lyrics more refined. Instead of lamenting failed relationships, Kinsella focuses on the new beginnings they allow.

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Joe Lieberman Worst Kind of Senator Until The Day He Dies

In act of are you effin kidding me, you again Joe? Joe Liebersuck is back and this time he is a full on tea bagger...He is going to filibuster the Health Care Reform Bill! RAAAGGE!!!!!


Several other moderate Democrats expressed skepticism at the proposal as well, but most of the wavering Democratic senators did not go as far as Lieberman Tuesday, saying they were waiting to see the details. Lieberman did say he's "strongly inclined" to vote to proceed to the debate, but that he’ll ultimately vote to block a floor vote on the bill if it isn’t changed first.

"I've told Sen. Reid that if the bill stays as it is now I will vote against cloture,” he said.

WHAT A SACK OF EXCRAMENT!! I wish we could just have a "knock on Lieberman's door" day then we all can just ask him on whether he likes killing American people. How does 45,000 a year dead sound, Joe? Sound good? This guy was let back into caucus for what reason!!?!! JESUS JEBUS ALLAH AND ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE WHY?!!!

On the brink of one of the most significant bills in American history some 60 years in the making, Joe "I take cash from the Devil" Lieberman is pithy, selfish and righteious proving he is the face of a pile of douche. He might as well be a dropping from the buttocks of Amy Winehouse. He might as well be the grease on Krisy Alley's back. He might as well be Jon Gosselin's blue tooth and Kate Gosselin's weird swoop hair thing (WHAT IS THAT?!). He might as well be the punchlines to Larry the Cable Guy's jokes. He might as well be the sun tan lotion on John Boehner's bright orange skin.

Lieberman you fucktard.

Okay so this is Politico and I don't think Lieberman actually has the brains to understand the ramifications from the public if he cans this legislation. He won't look noble. Or as a deficit hawk, weird isn't he a WAR HAWK TOO? Right, the saying always went, "he is with us on everything , but the war." The war now should be towards this douchenugget for what he is...a corporate lackey who deserves to be removed from the caucus and spat out to hoard for himself. The wars keep chalking up dollars and dollars on our deficit and our taxpayer dollars now he wants to care...Lieberman you fucktard.

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Update: The Ever evolving Rationale of Lieberman, Benen highlights just how disagreeable Joe's disagreements with the public option and health care reform are...

Ninja Thought

The media, the blogs and the people are completely weirded out by a President who is part of the process instead of ramming through the has been so long...

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

A little plug for some hilarious ladies in the Chi, Vintage Gramma. Here is their mash-up which actually doesn't do them enough justice, but enjoy. It will start Tuesday off right for ya. So, Hi world, how are you feeling? What's that? You feel neglected? Well have no fear health care reform is on the move which means back to you Gaea! We never forgot you just had to get the tea baggers and douche nuggets like the *cough Chamber of Commerce distracted for a while. But we are back to SAVE THE PLANET! (sorry, I blacked out) It's Tuesday and that means Drinking Liberally and awesomeness. Lots to talk about, lots for the Senate to mess up, but as we watch remember again...we have gotten farther than ever that the sound of...change perhaps?

Here are your highlights:

Change of Tune: with one announcement the Dems seem somewhat put together

Digby, explains to those who don't know already, the VILLAGE

The Skins battle the Raiders for worst team of the year...Dan Snyder I want my fuggin money back

Welp, at least France realizes the obvious, Scientology is a fraud

Here's a line of stupidity, the Right is in the fight for its Party, self-destruction is a terribly awesome thing to watch. If you read Red State or the other nutjobs a 19% approval rating is not because you aren't "conservative enough" It is because you are bat shit crazy and everyone else is finally figuring that out


Monday, October 26, 2009

Reid: Public Option with Opt Out, Health Care Reform Here We Come!

Not perfect, but quite monumental. Snowe, Lincoln, Landrieu, & Nelson all those wankers be damned.

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Lunch Break With Tegan and Sara

Hell - Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara | MySpace Video

Album to be released tomorrow, joy!

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Ninja Thought

Those tea parties were so damn effective, gubbament takeover of health care begins at 3:15pm today

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Get Your Dunkin Monday

That weekend flew by huh? What? Well after a fantastic time spent with the in-laws, watching football, drinking bubbly and eating delicious PIG. I am back at my desk wondering why every weekend can't be so nice. Oh that's right, work. This week might be the week of weeks that I have been talking about. Frank takes ritalin and some anti-rage medication and calms down? NO PEOPLE FOCUS. HEALTH CARE REFOOORMMM!! SING IT!! Over the weekend the specualtion went to Defcon Pink or something, but it looks like the White House is trusting Harry Reid and the public option...or Olympia Snowe depending who you ask. Regardless you know I will be here RAGING if it isn't progressive, covers most Americans and includes real subsidies while keeping the insurance mafia honest. So let's do this already!

Here are your highlights:

Redskins vs. Eagles tonight, 4 Keys to the Game...

Sunday Morning Come Down, the best place to read about the Sunday Talking Heads is always Driftglass

The guy who is just learning how to use the internet is selling the internet out, HOORAY FOR PRESIDENT MCCAIN!!!

Finally I can clean myself, Bacon Soap

And in Modern Depression news, in 2009 the history books should read, "the Party of No, denies assistance to the Unemployed" I love how the party of morals, family values and conservatism who caused most of this mess has shown their true colors; ACORN is more important than the many unemployed families across America. Write that in your history books, teach that in classes and maybe one day we will return America to a two party system of the people not special interests and lunacy


Friday, October 23, 2009

Late Night Music and Weekend with Brand New and Kevin Devine

Probably one of my favorite songs and a nice twist to it. Have a great weekend, gonna go find a bottle and Jesus (wink)

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Ninja Thought

The Alternate Universe will be televised

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Faux News and It's War on the White House

In case you haven't seen enough cut and dry evidence...Faux News is not a news organization and a stain on democracy in America.

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

Hippity hoppity and jump a dee doo! It's Friday bitchesssss! And everything is up in flames, the House is down, the Senate is a burnin and the Public Option is cooked or is it? Leave it to Politico and their ass hattery to start the day off spreading rumors and bullshit about the public option. TPM and everyone and their mother has since shot the report down, but hey it's Friday LET THE RAGE BEGIN!!! We saw this during the election if the Republicans are down some "respectable" publication points out that the Dems are in trouble, Obama will lose the election and somehow it's allllll Bill Clinton's fault. Fuck dat. HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW!

Here are your highlights:

There is something the Village doesn't get, the Invite is the Offense and Prez McCain is on teevee AGAIN! WHOOPIE!! Librul Mediduh Bias

The Deadskins made an announcement....Zorn to finish the season

Tucker Carlson calls the Wambulance, it is page one of the Conservative playbook

Wake up and smell the FRAUD on Wall St.

What I need today....inspiration, lots of inspiration. My day started off rough this morning and it isn't getting better. Chicago weather sucks balls people!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Deal with Darth Cheney and the Village

Let me translate Gibbs actual response:

You morons, Cheney was part of 8 years of piles and piles of poop. I mean like a ton of poop. So much poop were trying to shift through it. Why are you listening to Darth Cheney? The guy ignored requests, TORTURED, they STARTED A FAKE WAR IN IRAQ REMEMBER THAT? EVER HEARD OF THAT? and violated most Executive Branch powers. You stupid piles of Village excrement...WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! Cheney is only free and not behind bars dropping the soap to get all Rush Limbaughed for one reason, our Administration went soft on the guy and we believe in due process. So now let me get on to talking about the 800 other piles of poop we have to clean up in the West Wing, like the banking industry. Yes, you douche nugget from Faux News?

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Ninja Thought

Irony alert: Secessionists for Swine Flu...vaccine, of course this is all the mean gubbaments fault for being gubbamenty

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Musicians Angry, Did the US Torture Gitmo Prisoners with Music

Talking Points Memo:

A group of big-name musicians -- including Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Bonnie Raitt, Rosanne Cash and dozens of others -- is demanding the White House release information about which songs were played at high volume to punish or interrogate prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.According to the Washington Post, the musicians announced today they support a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by the National Security Archive, a research institute.The government has been blasting detainees with music since 2002. But the current administration says they ended the practice when President Obama took office.Human rights groups call the practice torture.

Really? Reznor? I am sorry, but if we are going to torture, let's do it with some actual torturous music. I don't condone torture, but this is the US of A, we have so much crap music the catalog should be endless. Try hitting repeat on these Frank Approved annoying and terrible tunes!

Top Five Picks of Music to Torture Gitmo Prisoners!!

Hit repeat and you can tie together Al Quaeda and the Taliban in Iraq, Osama and Sadam, the Girl Scouts and Stalin, the Boy Scouts and Hitler, and of course Obama and the Devil.

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Helloooooo Thursday. It is Flash Forward night with the lady and I am excited. Tonight's episode seems to be revealing an important piece to the puzzle, who was behind the global blackout? We also found out that everyone is starting to get intertwined. I am still a big fan of John Cho and his characters inner struggle, the lady and I go back and forth about this, but his character's complex issue of figuring out who is going to murder him before they do has me on the edge of my couch. Looking forward to it and no worries I won't spoil anything by blogging about it. So you DVR's are safe PEOPLE! Anywho, the headlines are all a flames and I am all the rage, so let's get on with it shall we?

Here are your highlights:

Halloween 2009, I get it you want to be funny, but this gets all kinds of racisty

The new dumb debate amongst the Elephants and Donkeys...WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Nuh-uh we do....we do you don't....yes we do....liar....poop face....Uhmerika!

For you web geeks out there is working on a new redesign...thoughts?

Frontline: The Warning, caught some of this the other night, it is an amazing piece of historical journalism and paints Greensberg, Rubin and Sumners as arrogant intellectual elitists who btw FAILED


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ninja Thought

For everyone to prosper and have opportunity, we must have INEQUALITY!

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Lunch Break with RX Bandits featuring Zechs Marquise

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Fox & Friends Lovefest, Is Jake Tapper Keeper next to Faux News?

Faux News went on a love fest over Jake Tapper asking the White House why Fox News was "attacked" by the administration. He is now a major candidate for Wanksta of the Year and in doing so made himself eligible for a new job with fallen Real Uhmerikan Patriot John Stossel... GREAT JOB JAKE-OFF!

Congrats, your journalistic wankstaness has brought you into the company of Fox & Friends, Glenn Beck, Chris "Baby" Wallace, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. Congrats, you now will receive a green card to Wingnuttia, the planet of ultimate Wingnuttery. Queen Michele Bachmann will massage your brain, so you can come up with those HARD HITTING questions regarding the obviously bias and unbalanced Faux News.

ABC not like Fox? Are you kidding me? ABC used to be the home to you know 20/20 and Ted Koppel, it covered news as news with reporting, something you Jake Tapper Keeper obviously have now THROWN OUT THE WINDOW WITH YOUR INTEGRITY!! CAPS LOCK!!!!

You are officially a candidate for Wanksta of the Year (insert clown music here and raucous booing)

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Hump Day is here. Thank Jebus. I couldn't be happier this languishing week is moving along accordingly. The weather is great out today...maybe Chicago will get Fall after all?!!! Doubt it. (insert Debbie Downer music here) All the talk around the Beltway is about the Public Option and health care reform. Tired yet? I am not, we are almost there and the word is somewhere the House and the Senate will collide. I personally am hoping for a ladder match between Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I am picking Nancy using a chair taking out the weak Reid in about 5 minutes of a dominate scrap.

Here are your highlights:

G-Dub is BACK! And he is motivationally speaking...?

Hail to the Deadskins...Vinny Cerrato you gotta go, since Snyder came in and donkey Cerrato took over it has not been pretty

Diaper Dave Vitter doesn't like blacks marrying whites, so he RUNNNSSSSS!!! (get it? it's a poop joke, diapers, dirty sex, David Vitter, aww come on you know you chuckled just a tad)

WE HAVE TO DEBATE THIS??!!! Student loans and the bank's running scam

Something is fishy on Wall St. again, it amazes me the sheer arrogance of the Wall St. elite. Even with the whole WORLD watching their behavior they boast, brag and bonus their shady deals. It is a disgusting profession and reform has to come down hard or we will be back to Hoover and the dark days...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ninja Thought

Murder is so so so FUGGIN FUNNY!! Right? Anybody? Anybody? Man, is this thing on? What a rough crowd....

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Lunch Break with Thursday

New music video from an old favorite. Enjoy!

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Where the Wild Things "Aren't"

CNN HEADLINE: Parents upset, bored by Where the Wild Things Are

I knew this would happen that some people wouldn't get Spike Jonze's adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are." It was clear from the moment the movie started being made some undoubtedly wouldn't "get it" or say the movie isn't "kid oriented." Part of the magic behind Jonze's adaptation is the movie explores many haunting fears a child growing up in an imperfect world faces. This isn't your Disney "Where the Wild Things Are." This isn't your bubble gum "Where the Wild Things Are" either. It is however a rather poginant and honest take on a classic. The fun Max has in the book is just the same in the movie which makes quotes like this so confusing.

"I think the book is almost designed for the 1-to-4 age group," said Griffioen, 31. "The text is so simple, and it fits in with the other books that are appropriate for that age level, which is why the movie is so strange because it seemed much more dedicated to the 8-to-12 age group."

The book, as Maurice Sendak has made clear, is not really intended for a 1-4 age group in fact it isn't intended for just one age group that's what made it so endearing. As you grow the book's simplicity lends itself to have an evolved meaning. Clearly Jonze understood that and why he received a blessing from Sendak. All the whining and parents complaints towards the movie fall into two categories from what I can tell.

a) They move through the world with rose colored glasses
b) They are the parents and the family the movie addresses and it hits too close to home

Jason Avant, founder and editor of parent-focused review site

"Family movies and kid movies have become so safe and homogenized and shallow in a sense," Avant said. "['Wild Things' is] such a real depiction of how a kid acts -- the mood swings, the temper tantrums. My son is like that: he's happy as a clam one minute and he's throwing a tantrum the next; everything is so urgent and immediate. It was interesting to watch him watch it, and I think it struck a chord with him in a way that kept him interested."

Max in Jonze's interpretation wants to somehow escape the world he inhabits and by finding the "Wild Things" he discovers the reality is inescapable. It is quite a dynamic story, moving and unique. The criticisms from parents and those of similar ilk miss that completely because they seem to be too busy hoping the book and their life is about something else.

"Inside all of us is a Wild Thing"
— Maurice Sendak

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Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is Tuesday and for some reason in Chicago, FALL HAS ARRIVED...for two days. We will take it. I am completely tired and worn out beyond belief, so today I will rock the RAAAGGGEEE!! Without a doubt I have been rather docile compared to the past couple of months because a) it looks like Health Care Reform will pass b) the lady and I are going on almost to a year and six months c) I have accepted the fact Wall St. will always be a big pile of douche d) the Wingnuts are really good at shooting themselves in the foot. Is it over?! NEVERRRR!!!! There is so much stupid to smack down around this town I can go on and on and on, I mean have you seen the Balloon Boy coverage? Exactly. Rage on brothers and sisters, rage on.

Here are your highlights:

Afghan Voter Fraud: for all the war hawks this is pie all over your face, it is impossible to continue if you don't know if you have a partner

I hate Halloween, but if I liked costume...EXO SQUAD!!!

The Decade of Franken makes even the Department of Defense support rape

Hooray for Right Wing Extremism!!! That non-existent fringe group....Secret Service overwhelmed by death threats to the President

You gotta love Nancy Pelosi, she is making the Senate look like the insurance company trolls they have always been

Publius makes one of the better points, throughout the health care debate, the conservatives despite all their cash cows and think tanks clearly failed at actual policy. What we have learned from this debate is one side is truly attempting to shape their arguments by policy, legislating and governance and the other is well the knights who say "Ni!"


Monday, October 19, 2009

Ninja Thought

If you just close your eyes and ears long enough the News on Fox is the best News there is

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

The Couple from Louisiana

Think Progress:

Last week, Louisiana couple Beth and Terence McKay revealed that justice of the peace Keith Bardwell had recently refused to give them a marriage license because they are an interracial couple. “I don’t do interracial marriages because I don’t want to put children in a situation they didn’t bring on themselves,” Bardwell said. “In my heart, I feel the children will later suffer.” Today on CNN, the McKays responded to Bardwell:

TERENCE McKAY: He says the only reason he doesn’t marry interracial couple is dealing with — because of the offspring of the marriages. If it wasn’t for interracial couples today, we wouldn’t have our president. So, for him to take that outlook, that’s still 1800s or something.


I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a busy weekend. The lady and I bowled with some friends where she totally had like 5 strikes (that was me actually) and a couple of spares (nacho chips). It was a good time at the 7/10 near Diversey, check it out if you get a chance, just make sure to keep your eye on your watch as it charges by the HOUR. Then last night we saw WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, yup I saw it and will most likely see it again. The movie, as you know, has been tops on my list of movies to see this year and it met all my expectations. It was heartfelt, funny and quite dynamic at times. It was a movie that took the original simplicity of the book and evolved it into a child's struggle to understand his family and life. I wouldn't really say it is a kid's movie, however a movie about childhood. A must see. I would also like to add "Come out!!!""

Here are your highlights:

Progressives get bold ask, Is Harry Reid Strong Enough? Not sure what good this will do, but it should be made very clear, if we don't get a public option Reid's reign is over

WAKE THE EFF UP! The Banks Aren't Alright

The White House this weekend did not back down from Faux News. Everyone else in the media is finally coming around to the Republican News Outlet. With their terribly racist guests, to their hosts to well just about everything, Faux News is beginning to feel the heat of their own actions. More of the WH and other media outlets identifying them as Faux News will bring some respect back to actual reporting and journalism


Friday, October 16, 2009

Louie Gohmert Death Panels Backatcha!

Oh Louie! Louie, Louie, Louie! Man, I know I can always count on you. You guys remember this guy, the one who got all racisty on the Chinese on the House Floor. Welp, now it's back to killing Grandma! And after all that b.s. from the House Republicans about my man Alan Grayson.

Steven Benen:

Now, Gohmert has already proven himself to be ... how do I put this ... a rather dim of lawmaker. About a week ago, during a speech that was supposed to be about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Gohmert seriously argued that expanding hate crimes protections would lead to a legalization of necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality. He then compared those who disagree with him to Nazis.
But this speech about Democrats wanting to kill off senior citizens is just blisteringly dumb, especially after Republicans just threw a fit about Grayson.
For what it's worth, a spokesperson for the NRCC argued today that Gohmert's remarks weren't that bad, because he was simply "relaying a concern of his constituent to his colleagues."
For goodness sakes. Do you suppose Gohmert was relaying the comments because he disagreed with them? Is he prepared to denounce the absurd concerns of his constituent?

He is also the "What Bill?" ass hat from the President's address on healthcare. The hits keep on coming. I wonder if later he we will here about him calling people socialists on the floor or perhaps terrorist sympathizers, better yet just call Obama "uppity boy" and seal the deal. The sad part is he actual represents the paranoid delusional infantile the Republican party and its ilk have become.

I am Frank Chow and I thank you, Louie Gomhert!

Ninja Thought

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Get Your Dunkin Friday

I am still sick. Damn weather. No it is not swine flu, but even if it was I would ninja kick it in the FACE. Today actually has me excited because it is a magical day, Where the Wild Things Are opens in theaters! For those of you who follow this bloggness I have been hyped for quite some time about this childhood story coming to life. The interviews and reviews have been promising, but the lady and I this weekend will get to see what all the hype has been about. No matter what I honestly will be happy, my childhood imagination will be on the big screen and it won't be shat on by Michael Bay. Oh yeah and there are other things going on today, lot's of things, RAGE things. I am still a man, a gorgeous, 6 foot tall, Asian-American man with a big kid heart.

Here are your highlights:

Health Care and Harry Reid, it's on his shoulder...we are doomed...

For about 6 hrs. or so, we got fooled by a Balloon Boy

In Boxing News: the Super Six Tourney begins this weekend and that is FUGGIN AWESOME, fight picks: Abraham by KO over Taylor and Dirrell by D12 over Froch. This tourney if you haven't been paying attention is for the Supper Middleweight Champion. Like undisputed, no nonsense tourney. It is a great thing for the sport and although I would have liked to see Taylor take on Froch in a rematch first, the match-ups will be great to watch. Let's Get it On!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage - To Save the Children, WTF?!

This has to be from another planet. This is too weird. Frank sits at his desk. Reads it a couple of more times, then breathes fire of interracial RAAAAAGGE!!! (throws computer out the window only to sit at Fred's desk in the next cubicle. No one likes Fred anyway so Frank uses his computer to tear a new asshole about this ragestastic story)

Huff Post:

A Louisiana justice of the peace said he refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have. Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, says it is his experience that most interracial marriages do not last long.
Neither Bardwell nor the couple immediately returned phone calls from The Associated Press. But Bardwell told the Daily Star of Hammond that he was not a racist.
"I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house," Bardwell said. "My main concern is for the children."
Bardwell said he has discussed the topic with blacks and whites, along with witnessing some interracial marriages. He came to the conclusion that most of black society does not readily accept offspring of such relationships, and neither does white society, he said.
"I don't do interracial marriages because I don't want to put children in a situation they didn't bring on themselves," Bardwell said. "In my heart, I feel the children will later suffer."
If he does an interracial marriage for one couple, he must do the same for all, he said.
"I try to treat everyone equally," he said.
Thirty-year-old Beth Humphrey and 32-year-old Terence McKay, both of Hammond, say they will consult the U.S. Justice Department about filing a discrimination complaint.


This is the most ridonkulous piece of holy crap, if it wasn't for interacial marriage FRANK WOULDN'T BE HERE! Mr. Bardwell must find it so troubling that I am perfectly fine, healthy and a raging mad liberal....reminds me of another interracial child who suffered so much because of his parents decision.

It is 2009! No one should be denied marriage because of the color of their skin. Heck no one should be denied marriage for loving another person. That's what this is all about. The idea that children are the concern, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is regular RACIST bullshit. Bardwell needs to sit down with me, my family and all the others just like me and then return to his whitehooded wonderland. If this guy isn't removed from his position then I don't know what to think anymore.

Anyway, I am going to go suffer some more because my parents were married and in doing so ruined my life because I was born into an America full of ignorant racists like Keith Bardwell. *headslamondesk

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Ninja Thought

To be a Democrat is to be for strong health care reform, otherwise you just think Blue goes better with your Aye's

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Lunch Break with Lucero

Lucero "What Are You Willing To Lose?" from Lucero on Vimeo.

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Republicans A-Okay with Rape

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Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Holy SON OF A RAAAAGGEEE!!! WTF IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!! Frank is fighting off a mean cold and unfortunately was out sick all day yesterday. A little recovery, but I am still struggling REGARDLESS FUGGIN RAGE PEOPLE! So much happened yesterday in the world of stupid, stupider and stupidest that I am going to be in rare form a) because I am sick and b) because people just don't get it. $3 Billion in profit for Goldman Sucks? Are you effin kidding me? Big news is the Dow gets over 10,000? Woopee dee doo, tell that to the unemployed. We have big problems right under our noses and this is no time to go back to jerking off the banking industry for finding more ways to screw us out of money. Phew. Breathe Frank. *cough Man I hate being sick.

Here are your highlights:

The month of October is now Breast Cancer Awareness month, but what is all that Pink doing? (thanks to the lady on this one)

(insert ominous music here) Joe Biden should resign

Has anyone figured out yet...why does anyone care what the Insurance companies think, THESE GUYS ARE SOULLESS

We always hear from the Right that some people treat Obama as the "Messiah", the "One" yadda yadda yadda stupid nonsense from children...but speaking of messianic treatment, how is Ronaldus Magnus doing? Another GOP.COM *FAIL