Friday, October 16, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I am still sick. Damn weather. No it is not swine flu, but even if it was I would ninja kick it in the FACE. Today actually has me excited because it is a magical day, Where the Wild Things Are opens in theaters! For those of you who follow this bloggness I have been hyped for quite some time about this childhood story coming to life. The interviews and reviews have been promising, but the lady and I this weekend will get to see what all the hype has been about. No matter what I honestly will be happy, my childhood imagination will be on the big screen and it won't be shat on by Michael Bay. Oh yeah and there are other things going on today, lot's of things, RAGE things. I am still a man, a gorgeous, 6 foot tall, Asian-American man with a big kid heart.

Here are your highlights:

Health Care and Harry Reid, it's on his shoulder...we are doomed...

For about 6 hrs. or so, we got fooled by a Balloon Boy

In Boxing News: the Super Six Tourney begins this weekend and that is FUGGIN AWESOME, fight picks: Abraham by KO over Taylor and Dirrell by D12 over Froch. This tourney if you haven't been paying attention is for the Supper Middleweight Champion. Like undisputed, no nonsense tourney. It is a great thing for the sport and although I would have liked to see Taylor take on Froch in a rematch first, the match-ups will be great to watch. Let's Get it On!


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