Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GOP versus the AARP...Further Self Destruction of the Party

Talking Points Memo:

...we reported on the House GOP's plans to target AARP in the health care reform debate. Republican leaders say AARP is supporting changes to the Medicare system included in Democratic health care reform bills because they would result in more sales of AARP-branded insurance. They claim that "backroom deals" between executives of the AARP and Democratic leadership -- deals the GOP say are designed to protect the executives' high salaries -- led to the group's pro-Medicare reform rhetoric.
Yesterday, the message gained traction the right wing commentariat. AARP flatly denies the claims and says it's beginning to feel a little like the GOP's new ACORN.
"Oh, absolutely," an AARP official told TPMDC. "They're using their standard methods to target us."
Yesterday, right wing blogs and publications picked up the story. Michelle Malkin retweeted the House GOP talking points on the topic and Human Events published a story echoing the GOP claims. Malkin and the conservative magazine focused on the corruption message, highlighting the "back-room" dealing.

It should be obvious if the GOP alienates and attacks the Senior vote they lose. End game. They have already done their best to alienate the Hispanic vote with their Lou Dobbs anti-immigation rhetoric, the Asian vote is starting to waver and now Seniors. Who happen to be the last people on Earth who remember when the GOP had actual conservatives and not blood thirsty Wing-Nuts.

Also if you note that is arch nemesis Michelle Malkin leading the ACORN like attacks. KEEP IT UP!! WOOHOO!! AARP is evil, total communist, fascist non-tea bagger 50 plus and over!

Watching this kind of self-destruction is more fun that drinking a case of High Life with the guys from Jackass.

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