Friday, October 30, 2009

Margaret Chin fit to be 1st Chinese-American Woman on New York City Counsel


In politics, as in life, big things often come in small packages.
Margaret Chin stands 4 feet 11, but the veteran community activist is casting a long shadow over the political landscape in New York.
Chin is poised to win election next month as the first Chinese-American on the New York City Council to represent New York's Chinatown, one of the largest concentrations of Chinese outside of mainland China.
She ousted a two-term incumbent in September's Democratic primary and will be on the ballot November 3 in a district that overwhelmingly favors Democrats.
If elected, she also will be the first Asian-American woman to join the 51-member body responsible for governing the country's largest and most diverse urban area.
Her likely win is another milestone in the political rise of a rapidly growing Asian-American community.

Chin comes from a family history many Asian-Americans can relate to and proves how far along Asian-Americans are coming in the political spectrum. She is one of three potential Asian-American candidates to take positions in New York. This not ony a great thing for New York's Chinatown, but Asian-American women in politics. Chin is described as New-Deal style Democrat and looks to call Mayor Bloomberg out.

"He needs to be a mayor for everyone. I think he's favoring the more well-to-do," she said. "New York City's working families have lots of needs, and he hasn't always been there for them."

Chin seems to have a bright future in New York and in Chinatown.

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