Monday, October 19, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a busy weekend. The lady and I bowled with some friends where she totally had like 5 strikes (that was me actually) and a couple of spares (nacho chips). It was a good time at the 7/10 near Diversey, check it out if you get a chance, just make sure to keep your eye on your watch as it charges by the HOUR. Then last night we saw WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, yup I saw it and will most likely see it again. The movie, as you know, has been tops on my list of movies to see this year and it met all my expectations. It was heartfelt, funny and quite dynamic at times. It was a movie that took the original simplicity of the book and evolved it into a child's struggle to understand his family and life. I wouldn't really say it is a kid's movie, however a movie about childhood. A must see. I would also like to add "Come out!!!""

Here are your highlights:

Progressives get bold ask, Is Harry Reid Strong Enough? Not sure what good this will do, but it should be made very clear, if we don't get a public option Reid's reign is over

WAKE THE EFF UP! The Banks Aren't Alright

The White House this weekend did not back down from Faux News. Everyone else in the media is finally coming around to the Republican News Outlet. With their terribly racist guests, to their hosts to well just about everything, Faux News is beginning to feel the heat of their own actions. More of the WH and other media outlets identifying them as Faux News will bring some respect back to actual reporting and journalism


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