Thursday, October 29, 2009

Net Neutrality and the Curious John McCain

Jason Linkins Huff Post:

As we've previously discussed, Senator John McCain hates him some "net neutrality." And so, he's introducing the "Internet Freedom Act of 2009," that would give telecoms the "freedom" to turn the "internet" into a confounding and baffling ordeal that would suck, into infinity. Net neutrality, which McCain, inventor of the Blackberry, wants to do away with, would keep internet service providers from favoring some content packets over others. To borrow an example elucidated by Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, net neutrality is what prevents Time Warner, a provider, from slowing or blocking access to MSNBC in favor of CNN.
What would life be like under the "Internet Freedom Act?" Well, one Reddit user created an image that depicts the "worst case scenario." (see above)

When the history books about this decade are written I hope it includes the words "Sen. John McCain war-veteran, Presidential nominee failure and blithering idiot." Why anyone would take advice about the internet from "Tweet like a 12 year old" McCain, beats the hell out of me, but net neutrality is a key legislation that Republicans just like McCain are keen on screwing up.

Now how do I turn on these here YouTubes?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Update: Apparently I know nothing, McCain knows less much less...

Brodsky: "It's almost as if he is trying to send a message rather than write serious legislation." Almost. Exactly whose message that would be is a mystery, though it's probably worth noting that McCain is the single largest recipient of funding from telecom industry interests in either the House or Senate.

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brucestrav said...

No offense Frank, but your understanding of this issue is entirely based upon propaganda.

You've just chosen which side of the propaganda you prefer.

'Neutrality' opens the door for the gov to essentially do what you think the TelCos want to do.

And if this passes, get ready to start paying per/Gb for your web surfing. You want to spend all day downloading videos? Just be willing to pay a lot more than somebody who uses the web for email and occasional news browsing.

And just like any other commodity, you will be paying based upon your use and not on a flat fee based upon the aggregate use (or cost) of all users.

There are negative externalities to both sides' arguments. But to be so shallow to not even consider WHY there is another argument leaves you spouting whatever you find on DailyKos.

You also might want to find out who the biggest recipient of donations from the Telecom industry is... Here's a hint: He's Black.