Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is Tuesday and for some reason in Chicago, FALL HAS ARRIVED...for two days. We will take it. I am completely tired and worn out beyond belief, so today I will rock the RAAAGGGEEE!! Without a doubt I have been rather docile compared to the past couple of months because a) it looks like Health Care Reform will pass b) the lady and I are going on almost to a year and six months c) I have accepted the fact Wall St. will always be a big pile of douche d) the Wingnuts are really good at shooting themselves in the foot. Is it over?! NEVERRRR!!!! There is so much stupid to smack down around this town I can go on and on and on, I mean have you seen the Balloon Boy coverage? Exactly. Rage on brothers and sisters, rage on.

Here are your highlights:

Afghan Voter Fraud: for all the war hawks this is pie all over your face, it is impossible to continue if you don't know if you have a partner

I hate Halloween, but if I liked it....my costume...EXO SQUAD!!!

The Decade of Franken makes even the Department of Defense support rape

Hooray for Right Wing Extremism!!! That non-existent fringe group....Secret Service overwhelmed by death threats to the President

You gotta love Nancy Pelosi, she is making the Senate look like the insurance company trolls they have always been

Publius makes one of the better points, throughout the health care debate, the conservatives despite all their cash cows and think tanks clearly failed at actual policy. What we have learned from this debate is one side is truly attempting to shape their arguments by policy, legislating and governance and the other is well the knights who say "Ni!"



Paddy K said...

No, I do NOT have to love Nancy Pelosi, thank you very much. You can have Ol' Bug-eyes....

Asian-American Pundit said...

You love her. Admit it. Despite your gripes with her she has been one of the few in a leadership position ACTING like a leader.