Friday, October 23, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Hippity hoppity and jump a dee doo! It's Friday bitchesssss! And everything is up in flames, the House is down, the Senate is a burnin and the Public Option is cooked or is it? Leave it to Politico and their ass hattery to start the day off spreading rumors and bullshit about the public option. TPM and everyone and their mother has since shot the report down, but hey it's Friday LET THE RAGE BEGIN!!! We saw this during the election if the Republicans are down some "respectable" publication points out that the Dems are in trouble, Obama will lose the election and somehow it's allllll Bill Clinton's fault. Fuck dat. HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW!

Here are your highlights:

There is something the Village doesn't get, the Invite is the Offense and Prez McCain is on teevee AGAIN! WHOOPIE!! Librul Mediduh Bias

The Deadskins made an announcement....Zorn to finish the season

Tucker Carlson calls the Wambulance, it is page one of the Conservative playbook

Wake up and smell the FRAUD on Wall St.

What I need today....inspiration, lots of inspiration. My day started off rough this morning and it isn't getting better. Chicago weather sucks balls people!


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