Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

It's Friday and Halloweeeennnnn mauahahahahaa. Okay I really don't care about Halloween, if you didn't get that yesterday I am sorry, let me repeat. It is not big deal to me. However lots of people like dressing up and being foolish. They like bobbing for apples only to stumble home either with that girl they will never commit to or alone to play XBox and cry at night surrounded by their own self-loathing never to remember they are still wearing a Miley Cyrus wig. Then they wake up the next morning going WTF? Am I a tranny? Oh it's Halloween. That's my take on the whole thing that and it's about the devil and since Martha Stewart says it is not about the devil; it most certainly is.

Here are your highlights:

The Defining Moment: for health care reform

Basketball season has started and D. Rose is BACK!

When I poop I would love to sit on a Guitar, no really

Here is a waste of money Abstinence Only Programs....

Seven members of Congress are under ethics investigation, why? Because of the military industrial complex of America

"What journalists are supposed to do?" by David Brooks...summary, questions Obama's manhood ("we conservatives like balls"), quote anonymous sources, take their word to support your war hawk ideology, repeat what you have said many times before and then finish it off with some witless slop about balls again. Every time I give Brooks the benefit of the doubt he just goes and turns it around by writing something this stupid


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