Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Monday

That weekend flew by huh? What? Well after a fantastic time spent with the in-laws, watching football, drinking bubbly and eating delicious PIG. I am back at my desk wondering why every weekend can't be so nice. Oh that's right, work. This week might be the week of weeks that I have been talking about. Frank takes ritalin and some anti-rage medication and calms down? NO PEOPLE FOCUS. HEALTH CARE REFOOORMMM!! SING IT!! Over the weekend the specualtion went to Defcon Pink or something, but it looks like the White House is trusting Harry Reid and the public option...or Olympia Snowe depending who you ask. Regardless you know I will be here RAGING if it isn't progressive, covers most Americans and includes real subsidies while keeping the insurance mafia honest. So let's do this already!

Here are your highlights:

Redskins vs. Eagles tonight, 4 Keys to the Game...

Sunday Morning Come Down, the best place to read about the Sunday Talking Heads is always Driftglass

The guy who is just learning how to use the internet is selling the internet out, HOORAY FOR PRESIDENT MCCAIN!!!

Finally I can clean myself, Bacon Soap

And in Modern Depression news, in 2009 the history books should read, "the Party of No, denies assistance to the Unemployed" I love how the party of morals, family values and conservatism who caused most of this mess has shown their true colors; ACORN is more important than the many unemployed families across America. Write that in your history books, teach that in classes and maybe one day we will return America to a two party system of the people not special interests and lunacy


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