Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Hump Day is here. Thank Jebus. I couldn't be happier this languishing week is moving along accordingly. The weather is great out today...maybe Chicago will get Fall after all?!!! Doubt it. (insert Debbie Downer music here) All the talk around the Beltway is about the Public Option and health care reform. Tired yet? I am not, we are almost there and the word is somewhere the House and the Senate will collide. I personally am hoping for a ladder match between Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I am picking Nancy using a chair taking out the weak Reid in about 5 minutes of a dominate scrap.

Here are your highlights:

G-Dub is BACK! And he is motivationally speaking...?

Hail to the Deadskins...Vinny Cerrato you gotta go, since Snyder came in and donkey Cerrato took over it has not been pretty

Diaper Dave Vitter doesn't like blacks marrying whites, so he RUNNNSSSSS!!! (get it? it's a poop joke, diapers, dirty sex, David Vitter, aww come on you know you chuckled just a tad)

WE HAVE TO DEBATE THIS??!!! Student loans and the bank's running scam

Something is fishy on Wall St. again, it amazes me the sheer arrogance of the Wall St. elite. Even with the whole WORLD watching their behavior they boast, brag and bonus their shady deals. It is a disgusting profession and reform has to come down hard or we will be back to Hoover and the dark days...


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