Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Helloooooo Thursday. It is Flash Forward night with the lady and I am excited. Tonight's episode seems to be revealing an important piece to the puzzle, who was behind the global blackout? We also found out that everyone is starting to get intertwined. I am still a big fan of John Cho and his characters inner struggle, the lady and I go back and forth about this, but his character's complex issue of figuring out who is going to murder him before they do has me on the edge of my couch. Looking forward to it and no worries I won't spoil anything by blogging about it. So you DVR's are safe PEOPLE! Anywho, the headlines are all a flames and I am all the rage, so let's get on with it shall we?

Here are your highlights:

Halloween 2009, I get it you want to be funny, but this gets all kinds of racisty

The new dumb debate amongst the Elephants and Donkeys...WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Nuh-uh we do....we do you don't....yes we do....liar....poop face....Uhmerika!

For you web geeks out there is working on a new redesign...thoughts?

Frontline: The Warning, caught some of this the other night, it is an amazing piece of historical journalism and paints Greensberg, Rubin and Sumners as arrogant intellectual elitists who btw FAILED


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