Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

A little plug for some hilarious ladies in the Chi, Vintage Gramma. Here is their mash-up which actually doesn't do them enough justice, but enjoy. It will start Tuesday off right for ya. So, Hi world, how are you feeling? What's that? You feel neglected? Well have no fear health care reform is on the move which means back to you Gaea! We never forgot you just had to get the tea baggers and douche nuggets like the *cough Chamber of Commerce distracted for a while. But we are back to SAVE THE PLANET! (sorry, I blacked out) It's Tuesday and that means Drinking Liberally and awesomeness. Lots to talk about, lots for the Senate to mess up, but as we watch remember again...we have gotten farther than ever before...is that the sound of...change perhaps?

Here are your highlights:

Change of Tune: with one announcement the Dems seem somewhat put together

Digby, explains to those who don't know already, the VILLAGE

The Skins battle the Raiders for worst team of the year...Dan Snyder I want my fuggin money back

Welp, at least France realizes the obvious, Scientology is a fraud

Here's a line of stupidity, the Right is in the fight for its Party, self-destruction is a terribly awesome thing to watch. If you read Red State or the other nutjobs a 19% approval rating is not because you aren't "conservative enough" It is because you are bat shit crazy and everyone else is finally figuring that out


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