Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Al Franken Minnesota Senator....Finally

To quote Atrios, "The Al Franken decade begins" and Coleman will most likely be the next head of the RNC....

I really am speechless right now. It gives hope to comedians everywhere that John Stewart will be elected President some day.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

John McCain Goes Maverick on Cap and Trade

John McCain discovers Republican roots, goes Maverick on Science

In a reversal of “huh?,” John McCain has decided that Cap and Trade is now Cap and Tax and the bill will most likely destroy the world as we know it. Citing sources of sourcedom, McCain stated, “I decided yesterday, I was wrong, science is not a good platform because taxes and global takeover equals science. Plus at West Point I sat in on a science class one day, it was boring.”

No one is sure what changed McCain's mind being one of the few Republicans in the Senate who believed in moving forward with Cap and Trade, but now it looks as though he has flip flopped again. According to multiple Arizonian sources it is called being a maverick. Lindsay Graham was at the announcement yesterday rubbing the shoulders of McCain with the finest freedom oils and stated, “Johnny and I are for regulation of greenhouse gases just not for Democrats supporting the same legislation, end quote.” McCain says he thinks global climate changes are a worry but sausage fests are more of his concern. “Dems are going to spend money on men, sitting around men, doing men things with taxes for taxes. It is sausages and taxes essentially.”

The White House is worried about the bill passing in the Senate hoping McCain would be able to go maverick and live up to his campaign promises of reaching across the aisle. He did the opposite stating once again, “I lost the election” he then sobbed for five minutes straight. McCain did not address however that he supported the exact same bill during his failed campaign, simply answering, “Country, not planet, first.”

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

GOOD MORNING JUSTICE! Well let's just say so much for the DHS report, the right wing extremist talk and hate speech nonsense. With guys like Rush Limbaugh encouraging peacefully getting the military to overthrow the elected President, it is all just satire, in jest or a joke. Riiiiight. Can we just clearly call his show the Racist Rush Show, or Right Wing Hate Talk with Rush or does that just go without saying? Oh well, he makes money for whoever he works for and no one will actually STOP HIM. But he never stokes the fires....never...Pffttt. Two days of work and then a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice vacation beoyotches! So fugg it, 4th of July is for celebrating the America I live in not Winguttia!

Here are your highlights:

Jobs is back, no Steve jobs not actual jobs

Gets ousted in his pajamas, but he is never down, wonder if Honduras will be the next Iran, what color haven't we turned into a ribbon?

Arizona, Mississippi, Indiana, Pennsylvannia, and California OH MY!

Iraqis celebrate troop withdrawal- Mission Accomplished

Obama gave a great speech to this LBGT community and said what needed to be said, with a little anecdote many of us discussed last Tuesday, President's don't make policy, Activists make policy

RUDY HAVE THEE NO SHAME!!!!!! It nevers fails, media fail, GOP fail, Rudy fail.

Science is a good thing, for the past eight years we thought Jebus would just fix our mess, it has not and will not happen. Science is good and reading is fundamental.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Ben Gibbard "Thriller"

Just because I am still not over it and why not have someone doing an amazing cover, of Michael Jackson.

Ben Gibbard, "Thriller" live is just more proof the songs will last forever.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Mostly Dead...Iraq Troop Withdrawal

"Iraq withdrawal is mostly done"

Pentagon and military officials report that the withdrawal of most U.S. military forces from Iraq's major cities has been completed a day ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

According to the officials, within the past 30 days, 30 U.S. military bases have either been closed down or handed over to Iraqi security forces. A total of 150 bases have been shut down or turned over to Iraqis in the past nine months.
Despite the withdrawal, many U.S. military forces will remain in the cities, embedded with Iraqi forces as advisers. They would also act as liaison officers who would be able to summon a U.S. military rapid reaction force if needed -- or also call in U.S. military air strikes. Those remaining in the cities would also include intelligence officers.

Neither the military or Pentagon could provide a specific number of U.S. forces left behind.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Frank Rips the Health Care Debate

It begins: Frank gets out of his cubicle and starts ripping phone books with his bare hands and yells HEALTH CARE!!!

Two words, what is so difficult to understand HEALTH and CARE

So why is it that the debate suddenly turns to deficits or price tags and free markets, when not a one of these fuggin guys mentioned any of these when we decided TO GO TO WAR!

Oh that’s right blowing up people, sending OTHER citizens children is of no concern, starting war of FAKE precedence did not have anything to do with wasteful spending or deficits. No sir ree, freedom costs $1.05!

Frank takes a phonebook and eats it, that’s right eats it. He stomachs an entire phone book of rage. Oh wait sickness, spinning room. Vomit.

That’s what HEALTH CARE and its ensuing debate does to good ole US of A Frank. Sickness. Now let me go call my doctor, to be referred to a doctor about said sickness, only to be charged for every run around cruddy test, then send me back to before said doctor to doctor up another referral to find out the reason for Frank’s sickness is I am allergic to bullshit.

Oh but that would not matter to the turds on the right and Blue Dogs * couch Republican operatives who would rather worry about dollar signs and monopolies for their dear friends in the insurance industry. You see because when it comes to HEALTH and CARE, they do not want you to hear stories because it exposes their profit business based basic and essential care. That would be the truth. They do not mind bankruptcy filings rising because of medical bills, that means more money, more poor people and a lot more people to lock in and watch their lives get ruined. With a muahahaha and kick down the stairs as they and their insurance industry buddies smoke the 100 dollar bill just for the fugg of it.

Only in America is your health for profit. “You can’t fix the broken health care system with a public plan” “Deficits and spending matter…now” “Government run insurance would never work excepts that it already works” “Free markets save pocketbooks…I mean lives.”

Frank kicks over his desk cutting his shin, it bleeds, he wraps it in phone books because who would want to call your doctor, be charged 50 bones to talk to your doctor, so he can send you to specialists who then charges you 50 bones, who then sends you to a surgeon to get STITCHES. Ka-Ching.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Thrice NEW SONG!

Rock on Monday.


Get Your Dunkin Monday

Nico proves Dana is the "Dick"

Short week America. Do you smell that? Four day weekend! But that also means I have to cram in some major awesome satirical and radical RAGE! This weekend was awesome as family and close friends came into the Windy City. We enjoyed the architectural tour, brew and a comedy show starring me and my art. Rock the fugg on. This week is looking to be kick azz, Laughing Liberally is Wednesday which means I will be sneaking in through the shadows to laugh ninja like at the downfalls of the Republicans, Wing Nuts and Blue Dogs oh and lots of Sanford jokes most likely....YOU SHOULD GO to the show, info can be found at Laughing Liberally.

Here are your highlights:

Inside Michael Jackson's concert that was to be, no one could perform like Michael

USA NOOOOOOOOOOOO, how did we blow a 2-0 lead at the half, oh I know...it was Brazil, they were just trying to give themselves a challenge. Fuggggggg.

Al Franken Senator of Minnesota for the seventh time

Had a discussion last night about Global Climate Change, Krugman debunks their argument nicely and again


Friday, June 26, 2009

Samurai Wow

h/t Geekologie

Happy a Samurai Weekend!!!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Wingnuttia Gets Teevee Time

Can a Rep. be removed from Congress for being completely bat shit crazy?
"Freedom isn't free, unless it is free, freedom costs a buck o' five"

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Last night I was in shock. Complete shock as the rule of three dropped a bomb, Michael Jackson passed away. For all the trials and tribulations of his life at his pinnacle there was no one better in pop than Michael Jackson. Growing up he was an inspiration of performance, attitude and an icon. It is clear as the day after reports come in, he was bigger than Elvis. Globally his outreach changed pop culture like no one had done before. Everyone has said what can be said. The saddest part is we together watched his rise and ultimately his fall; a tragic and triumphant figure torn by the fame bestowed upon him. He will be remembered for controversy, oddities, kindness, philanthropies, moves and style, but above all his music and "they way he made us feel."

Here are your highlights:

Harold Koh confirmed, SUCK IT!

the Repubs hate Cap N Trade, so much so they keep going with fake stats and even contradict one another.......some people just want the world to look like this.....so much for the future of our children

NBA Draft- the analysis

Sanford's sex drive another blow to the GOP
(sorry I couldn't resist)

Carrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeefulll boys, G8 to have Iran peace solution meeting

, play it, love it and create it. If you have time video game it up buddies!

Jay Rockwell lays down the truth about pushing forward the public option in Congress, while Progress Illinois picks up on locals Schakowsky and Durbin fighting the good fight, Krugman weighs in and says what a lot on the Left needs to make clear. The Republicans do not care about HEALTH CARE. It is not the issue to go fishing for compromise.

Media Matters vs. Savage Nation


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest

This is just in, Michael Jackson has had a heart attack, his father is saying "he is not doing well."

Wow. Let us hope the King of Pop is okay.

Update: TMZ is reporting Michael Jackson is dead......


the Importance of Perez Hilton

Yes, I just wrote that. Tuesday as I stated earlier was great Drinking Liberally. I had the opportunity to sit with many intelligent and insightful individuals. One subject that was brought up was Perez Hilton. The two lesbian women next to me cringed immediately. One was so apt to say, "I wish I was there to see him struck." A snarky retort to say the least. When asked to elaborate she stated that he hurts as much as he helps. And so the discussion evolved.

On one side Perez Hilton can bring awareness or be a role model to those still in the closet, but mind you he is a Hollywood leech (a place far more liberal in its understanding of LGBT issues). It is different "over there." On the other side he enables with his rude and oft times crude posts, the flamboyant lifestyle, and his recent abhorrent use of the word "faggot"; he is a detriment to the LGBT community by perpetuating stereotypes.

The true issue, however most have and I have with Perez Hilton is he defines most of what and who he is by his sexuality. In the public eye it is Perez GAY Hilton. Now that is not to say that is who he is, yet that is how he has portrayed himself. And for many in the LGBT that changes the discussion from INALIENABLE rights to "the GAY" rights.

It is after all about basic human rights, that is what the LGBT is fighting for and Perez Hilton in all his self-aggrandizing way hurts the cause with his use of slurs, constant pageant queen bashing and "fugly" dialogue. Perez should apologize, quit playing victim in every "he said she said story" and understand it is not all about him. There are doctors, teachers, construction workers, bar tenders, comedians, actors, managers, marketers, architects, artists, politicians, policemen, firemen, writers, and many many other professionals waiting to not be considered a second class citizen.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: I must clarify, there is nothing wrong with being flamboyant, it is how Perez goes about it and exaggerates it that makes him disingenuous. h/t TomofChicago

IL Rep. Quiqley rips "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Rep. Mike Quigley had some choice words for "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in a recent Windy City Times interview calling the act "morally repugnant." It is nice to have a politician from Illinois *cough take note WH, fighting for equal rights for the LGBT community. Quigley kind of snuck into Congress replacing the vacant seat of Rahm Emanuel, but since then he was pushed issues that effect his constituents. He has gone after "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and the White House took note of his request to have same sex unions counted in the census.

It is important to note since this weekend Chicago will be holding its annual Gay Pride Parade and it is most likely to be the biggest yet. New local community organizations are participating and even an elementary school is marching in the parade. Quigley is doing what is right here, supporting a part of the community that does many great things locally. He also feels it is only a matter of time till the repeal of DOMA and "Don't Ask Don't Tell":

MQ: I do think so. I do have faith that we're going in that direction. What I've learned in 27 years of politics is that sometimes you win because you have more than one reason or sound argument supporting you. I would like to appeal to someone's conscience that “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” is morally repugnant; [ repealing that ] will succeed.

With others, you gotta sell them something else, too. Like with the Arabic translators who were [ discharged under DADT ] : That makes us less safe. Jon Stewart said, “ [ So it was OK to waterboard a guy over 80 times, but God forbid the guy who could understand what that prick was saying has a boyfriend. ] ” Eventually, our country does the right thing—but sometimes it takes them longer than it should.

Notice he referenced the Daily Show...ha! Gotta love that, he also goes on about how Congress both Dems and Repubs take the LGBT vote for granted:

I think some people think, “Well, I gave you that. That should hold you for four years.” In some cases here, they just want [ the LGBT community ] to go away. They're like, “Hey, I just barely got here. I'm from a conservative district so please keep these votes away from me.” I'm sure that's what they're telling their administrations: “Don't make me vote on ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell' or DOMA.” We voted to impeach a federal judge who sexually assaulted his workers in his courtroom. Two of the Republicans both said unbelievably ridiculous things like, “Maybe his orientation was different.” As badly as some Democrats take the vote for granted, some Republicans have been beyond contemptible—although some Republicans don't take the vote for granted.

I think that sums it up quite nicely. Quigley understands there are inalienable rights, these are people and it is time for a change. As Nettelhorst Elementary says, "We believe family means everybody."

Proud member of The Windy Citizen

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

P.S. He is also a Cubs fan, rock on.

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

via bold progressives

This week has been busy, hence the shorter posts and sporadic topic switches. At least this weekend I get to hang out with old friends and family. It is also a relief knowing your weekend will be a little bit slower than your week. I have a show tomorrow, ALL ASIAN (wink, wink), cousin is coming into town and a guy who called me his "best man" will also be gracing Chicago. Speaking of Chicago, it is HOT! Summer is here and it is not going away like Sanford on a Argentine Nekkid Appalachian weekend. Hooah!

Here are your highlights:

FBI arrests blogger
for being a gun nut in hysteria, mark this under "when blogging gets trigger happy"

Pothead "Dude what are those blobs in space?" Scientist "I do not know, let me find out"

Mousavi's wife is making a statement in the protests in Iran
, women have a voice too

When you turn on the locals news in Chicago, this is what you see too often, 9 year-old shot in drive-by

Another Green shoot, I mean shot down in the economy

A movie, about Facebook- straight to teevee!

In the weird, a moon on Saturn might have life

Weaponized Keynesianism- h/t A Moveable Feasta Krugman highlights Frank highlighting what Krugman pointed out month ago. It is the "Old Potomac Two Step", Reagan was king of it and they continue his word play. The truth is no one, not even the military benefits from the F-22 except for the company lobbying to keep it alive. It reminds me of this joke...it goes... we throw away perfectly useful equipment with old Naval ships just so we can sink the ships intact....oh wait


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ninja Thought

With each Republican affair you get insight to why they are not concerned with women issues. Women to them are weekend getaways in Argentina.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Washington Post Humor FAIL

Gentlemen, stick to print. This is why there has not been a "Beltway" comic ever. Another reason why you must full appreciate a real comic doing commentary the right way...

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Governor Mark Sanford Is Missing
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJason Jones in Iran

Let the pros do it boys. Others have commented about the Posts Milisuck and Ciligizz, but I must say better video were shot in kids' basements and those videos at least included action figures. Speaking of action figures Glenn Beck loves Barbie dolls? WTF? Why are these nuttheads so bad at the simple premise of humor. There is a reason why Colbert "bombed" at the correspondents dinner some years ago...he was funny and THEY do not get humor.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

some pokerface and david choi for dat azz

Hello hump day. Phew. Half way through the week and much to do still. I have a show on Friday at CCPA, so if you want to see me headline that would be a good time. Not telling you where that is but those initials are a giveaway for communist, socialist, tire burning humor, come on out PEOPLE! Last night was a great Drinking Liberally with discussions ranging from LGBT community issues, the Pride Parade, Iran, Winguttia, Glenn Beck, Health Care positives, theology and calling out our lame Senators who are backed by the health insurers *cough Baucus...

Here are your highlights:

Ezra interviews Atul Gawande

Anybody care about France? Sarkozy is one cracked out dude, he is "shaking up the cabinet." I love how the French refer to Sarkozy has right wing when he is still left of our Democrats in Congress.

Protests in Iran capital halted, wonder if Obuttsman McCain will call for United Nations troops to show some authorite'

When THEY cheat on THEIR wives you do not get impeached you get applause, stay classy Repubs

Even more reasons to pass an income tax in Illinois

So let me get this straight Sanford was not hiking with the nude enthusiasts, he was in Buenos Aires? Hmm wonder what he was doing there....

Nixon thought the current President should have been aborted
- and myself too most likely

A little late on this Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, guess what it looks like Tim Burton! It is just me or does he really spend most of his time making every character look like him in some way even his wife. That make his weird even weirder.

Asian Pacific Americans for Health Care

Lots of links, enjoy your day, Chow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Women and Men

I have tried as I have aged to become better at understanding women. Yet for all my study I still am always surprised by them or left with more questions. One blog I follow is Pandagon and you should too. It is an interesting take on feminist issues and life in general. For me personally it speaks to how much men and women assume so much about each other thus hurting any mutual understanding. There are large group of men raised by similar women and respect their opinions above anyone else. Not all of us men fall into a category or walk around thinking "gee wonder what's she looks like nekkid." But that does not excuse those men championing values while cheating on their wives and well treating them as whores. Amanda Morcette has a great read dissecting stupid science in the name of mandongs.


The narrative about how all women are whores isn’t a cute one, but causes real pain to both men and women. The assumption that women are sex (but don’t like sex) discounts the various ways that women have to compete for sexual partners and attention, just like men have to. Which means that all the work that women put into their physical appearance and other sexual displays (including mix tapes!) is treated not like effort at all, but just wallpaper. That sort of erasure of women’s efforts helps erase their desires, and when you’ve taken women’s subjectivity out of it like that, it becomes very easy to believe that they don’t have a right to say no, especially after men perform the correct sequence of behaviors, the number of nits picked, as it were.

She also highlights the SEX and the silly taboos around it.

This narrative is bad for women, but it’s no walk in the park for men, either, because if they want to get laid but have the wrong model to approach the situation, they’re going to be frustrated. God knows I don’t like it when I put cash in the vending machine and the soda doesn’t come out. But if men get away from the “all women are prostitutes” mentality and see sex as a collaborative way to spend time with someone you like---much like playing a game together or going to see a movie---they’ll have a better idea of how to go about making that happen for themselves. And be happier with the women they date.

See what I mean, great reads and interesting perspective and that last statement also affirms why I have a great relationship with my lady. We are people who enjoy each others company and if I ever called her a whore or originally propositioned her for the SEX, they would be doing a study on how to remove my head from my ass.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Iran Update

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Crisis in Iran
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJason Jones in Iran

John Stewart again the only place where logic reigns. It is not about us, despite what Obuttsman McCain and the Village argue. The media obsession over this is rather fanatic and I do not think one of them has mentioned our very own "Recount." Let this work itself out, it is not like option a) is that far from option b) no need to meddle. Meddlers.

“Members of Congress have their constitutional duties, I’m president of the United States, and I’ll carry out my duties.” - Obama at his press conference

Good to see Obama not backing down. He needs to be hands off and not vote with stupid. Let's get to relevant news, like how Kate is evil and Jon and the kids were victims in her quest for fame. Boom baby!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

Bailey does his Health Care impression

Tuesday get busy from the get go. No fun. Last night was interesting as I failed for the third time at an attempt to finish my homework from Photoshop class. Uggh. Getting back into school mode nearly impossible. Besides that tonight is another gathering of awesome. Earlier this morning I was listening in on the radio and there was some positive dialogue, this week starts the push by the White House we have all been waiting for...

Here are your highlights:

Stupid acting stupider. When you want to claim something is bias make sure you have a sound argument, not a pfffffft argument. 72% are in favor of the public option and you would be to, if you read and understood what it means.

Another reason to hate Michelle Obama, she gets her hands dirty with Maria Shriver

The Dear Hunter- Act III: Life and Death- got it and it is epic, review later

SC Governor Sanford goes missing, state in a "tizzy" and bravo to his PR team. Dude went AWOL, my guess to escape slavery from recovery.

Chicago's Mayor Dick

Hawaii says "we face threats every day from everywhere" N. Korea is not as scary as a hurricane

Big Brother just lost an eye and an ear

Let's face in the debate on health care one side is fine with a monopoly and cash in their pockets, the other is worried for some reason they have to get a couple of those guys to see the light and Harry Reid is about as useful as baby's diaper full of poop


Monday, June 22, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Explosions in the Sky

Sometimes you need music without words of guidance, or a humming melody, sometimes you need to have that music that takes you somewhere else.

Explosions in the Sky
, from their bio:

In February 1999, three longtime friends from West Texas went to a pizza place in Austin, Texas, for a prearranged meeting with a young man from Illinois. The Illinoisan had just moved to Austin, and he had put up a flyer that caught the interest of the others. They ate pizza and discussed movies and arcana. They also decided to meet the next day with their various instruments (two guitars, bass, and drums). This happened, and over the coming months they picked a band name, then picked a better band name, then wrote and recorded an album. That album, called How Strange, Innocence, was largely out of tune, but the band members didn't really notice at the time. They optimistically printed 300 copies, and gave most of them away. It turned out they really liked playing together, so they kept doing so. A friend of theirs sent a recording of one of their live shows to a record label in Baltimore, and that label offered to put out albums for the band. The band agreed. A year later they put out a second album (Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever). They began to tour often, all over the world. In 2003 another album came (The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place), and in 2007 they put out their most recent, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. They are shocked to see that their 10-year anniversary is on the horizon.


Nemesis Malkin Hates Herself

It is apparent that Michelle Malkin hates the fact Michelle Obama has the same first name. She has more linkage on the ole Google than her and is an actual respected voice with high approval ratings in America. What really pisses me off is MICHELLE OBAMA IS THE FIRST LADY!

Where oh where was any of this crap when the Bushies paraded about? Where oh where was any of this when Nancy Reagan was parading about? Oh that's right, they were on Planet Winguttia!

This sad sack of self-hating Filipina continues her crusade against everything Michelle Obama and it is classless and disgusting. I wonder what Malkin would say if someone said they same stuff about her...probably "I HAVE CHILDREN! DEAR GOD! FEMINISM, SEXISM!" But the truth is she has no walls, no moral or ethical compass, lies and makes stuff up.

On Winguttia that is how it works.

Because you see if Michelle Malkin had graduated from Princeton, and received her Masters from Harvard. Then after her studies she was hired and had a career at a prestigious law firm while also working for various non-profit organizations. If Michelle Malkin had any experience as the head of anything let alone a CEO of prestigious university hospitals, I am sure she would be "classy", "gorgeous" and a guiding light for American women everywhere.

On Winguttia that is how it works.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Ninja Thought

One thing I have never understood are employees who benefit from taxes being irate about taxes, federal funding and "socialized" health care. If you BENEFIT from public funding and your living is made through public funding shouldn't you support public funding for schools, social programs and health care? Do these people look at their paychecks and assume the money is from a private institution behind curtains? I guess it is only socialist when it benefits the other.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Secret Asian Man

more here


John McCain Team America!

You have balls, I like balls

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin' Monday

Wow. That weekend went too fast. Our drive to central Illinois was met by three of the craziest storms I have ever seen. Thank God we missed the tornadoes. The wedding was the first reception I had ever been to that included a full on fireworks display...yes...fireworks. I have also come to the conclusion that if you have an outdoor wedding bring extra fans, not just some fans, but extra extra fans, so you won't have to read all about it the next day in THIS BLOG. IT WAS TOO HOT! I was sweatin like Limbaugh in a pharmacy! Hooah!

Here are your highlights:

Froomkin was fired
so we could have more puff pieces about the men who helped get us IN TO THIS FUGGIN MESS. Mitch McConnell, American 2009.

MMA round-up

See if George Will calls you "foolish" you might want to quit repeating stupidity on air. Iran updates.

Congress, the meatheads and the talking heads all call it "socialized medicine", but the people do not care what you call it, they just want coverage at a fair cost- Dear Congress, how is that gubbament health care treating you?

Aww that is what they were doing...YouTube ads Movie Trailer section

Progress Illinois- as I posted last week, time for our reps to get some barrs and not cut social service programs, but find funding for them

Andrew Sullivan is more than on the Iranian bandwagon, it is now his wagon

Darkest Hour, the Eternal Return- insert devil rock horns here

"health care is one of those areas where both popular opinion and sound public policy seem to take a backseat to protecting those stakeholders who benefit from the status quo." - Nate Silver on Health Care

Mythbusting Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism


Friday, June 19, 2009

Have a Great Weekend

Rock on!

We Have to Pass Support for Iran?

This is stupid political posturing. Mike Pence is a donkey. Congress is bunch of donkeys. These assholes have not learned a thing.

"Even though foreign policy is complex. It is hard." - Thanks Captain Obvious.

These numbnuts have no idea what" they hell they are doing. Support? You have to vote for the stupid idea of support. "People need to be heard. Yes because this was a rigged election!" A RIGGED ELECTION! Uggghhhh. How about you go back to 2000? Remember what you douchebags said then when we tried to at least have a fair election? And then you go back to REAGAN. Dear God.

What is terrible is you cause more tension in a country that is tense to the 9th degree. The people of Iran are speaking for the people of Iran. Kissinger affirmed the President has got this shiz under control. These warhawks will gladly sign support papers, followed by missile launches. Thank Jebus, they lost the Presidency.

Just plain stupid.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin' Friday

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Irandecision 2009 - The Oppression of House Republicans
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJason Jones in Iran

more Iranian news

Well hello Friday. I have a ton of work to do today, so today will probably include only short tidbits here and there. Apparently some people did not like my take on the 9-11 dot com stalling the Ground Zero rebuild. I stick by what I say, there is a bigger picture to the thoughts of America then and some would prefer to keep it that way. In a completely unrelated personal note, I am going to another wedding this weekend in good ole central IL and the bride and groom will be Mr. and Mrs. Rural King.

Here are your highlights:

Cubs WIN, wish I was not at work when this went down, best part of my day was getting off the El and a ton of dejected Sox fans were getting heckled. Their witty response, "We have a championship!" Wow. Still living in 2005 and 1985, the South Side.

Krugman this Friday is all about Ninja Finance

Hollywood out of ideas decides it is time to ruin another fun 80's movie, Teen Wolfie

John Boehner still a douche, of course all the liberal bias media will let him hammer off Luntz talking points unchallenged and without a hypocrisy watch

Ovechkin still the best player in hockey

Democrats have no barrs on Health Care
and the need to remember who the people ACTUALLY VOTED FOR and not listen to the "Mafia" that is the health insurance companies

When the Dear Hunter put up a new song on their Myspace listen because it most certainly rocks

Dan Froomkin was let go unexpectedly from the Washington Post for being a great writer, a great journalist and above all calling out the bullshiz. Greenwald of course is on top of it. And when will people get over this liberal media bias crap. It does not exist.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Health Care, Public Option by Lee Stranahan

First in series from Lee Stranahan, h/t Bob Cesca's Awesome Go Blog!

Contact your Congress Person


Michael Savage Goes Ahead and Says It...

"The white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything right with America"

Not surprising at all. It is what Rush, O'Reilly, Dobbs, Hannity, Coulter, Beck and some esteemed members of Congress have been saying "slyly" for some time now. Savage is simply a hack.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

9-11 Dot Com, Why Ground Zero is still a Vacant Lot

Officials announced that plans to fill the hole of the Twin Towers were stalled yet again. Some have said that it was a win for Al Qaeda, however I would argue it is another win for the Bush/Cheney administration. And further more a win for the Rovian politics of fear and as I like to call them the collective 9-11 dot com.

We have now for the past eight years been reminded and reminded and reminded of 9-11. The horror, the terrorists, the fear, the tragedy, the families and the brown people; they all have been part of our narrative since that day. It was the most tragic event on US soil. We know that and in case you missed it, you now know by the speeches of Bush, Cheney, Giuliani and all the talking heads on Faux News. Each one follows their reasoning and complete disdain for American values and the Constitution with the tag line 9-11 dot com.

The Twin Towers were considered a symbol of all that Al Quaeda hated about America now they are symbolic of what America has become. There was a time when Americans thought that we should not let terrorists get the best of us. We championed two wars and showed the world that we would not back down. But what has become clear over the years is that the Bush/Cheney administration used the Twin Towers as a cheap parlor trick into war, various infiltrations into citizen privacy and eight years of reckless fear mongering politics. With one attack and the tragic loss of many we have marched into war losing more lives than we initially did on 9-11.

The response should have been clear post shock. Allow mourning, rekindle a wounded patriotic spirit and reclaim our nation as a nation for all people and by the people. Prove as we have done time and time again we are resilient and the higher ground is better than sending more and more ground troops. I thought during that time that Americans would have found a way to say “Hey Taliban FUGG YOU,” and built even bigger towers with huge flags on the top, but that didn’t and won’t happen because we keep visiting 9-11 dot com. It is a constant reminder of the stranglehold the Bush/ Cheney administration has on our thoughts. We fear another attack, Cheney warns of another attack, we fear if we build a building more terrorists will bomb or fly planes into said building. And more fear the brown people.

Their idea was simple. Leave the hole in the ground. Let the wreaths, pictures and dedications surmount. Leave the hole in the ground. Let people walk by it everyday as a reminder of the worst. Leave the whole in the ground. Let the people pat you on the back all the way into war.

The reason we have that hole, the whole, in the ground is simple. 9-11 dot com wants it that way. It leads people to panic at every fly by. It leads people to justify torture. “Hey you were not there.” “You did not see the horror” But I do live in America, I have read history books and what I have learned is Americans build and re-build. We take the worst and we turn it into the best. We preserve in a positive manner. America has had its fair share of tragedies, but none more mishandled than 9-11.

I live in a city that before the turn of the 20th century was rebuilt after a tragic fire. In 1871 Chicagoans gathered soot and dirt, hammered out steel, placed brick and put an entire city back together, better than it was,. So what is taking New York and rebuilding the World Trade Center so long? It is clear 9-11, 9-11, 9-11 dot com.

Some would argue zoning issues, building investors, the economy, yet the abomination that is Trump Syringe was built in three years (development took longer because of fear of 9-11), is 90 something floors and blocks about five other buildings views of the Chicago River. “But New York and the bureaucrats and and 9-11.” All the mishandling by Patterson and Bloomberg only continues to the slow process. There is no reason for us not to have a building or two buildings or three for that matter. Businesses foreign and domestic would embrace a new building despite the economy if not for patriotism itself. We have mourned, time has passed and it is time to quit giving in to the 9-11 dot com ideal.

If Al Qaeda bombs or attacks that building, we will build another one and another one and another one. If we let it remain a hole in the ground, we not only allow Al Qaeda to win, but we allow 9-11 dot com continue its fear politics and that, my friends, is what they want because America to them (and the world) is full of vermin, terrorists and evil....not the few soulless Republicans willing to manipulate it all for profit and power.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

I will write 9-11 one more time to compete with the Dick’s speech on national security.

Get Your Dunkin' Thursday

Hey ya'll! It is Thursday! Yeehaw! I am hooting and hollering because this weekend will be another spent in central Illinois for a down home wedding. As was last weekend's this should be fun and quite a good time. I am having trouble focusing these days on design work, so if anyone would like to partake in my Photoshop skillz course, holla at me, I got 20 bones I can give you to do my assignments. Next week there is a show you should all attend, why? Because it is an ALL ASIAN SHOW. Cleverly titled, Asian Invasion or Comedasian or Asiamedy? I will give you more of the details till then...

Here are your highlights:

Green shoots in the economy...not so fast, I raise you 6.69 million

sox win : (

Someone asked is "the President scared of Fox?" I do not think so, but if I were him all those non-right wing extremist who quote Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck would have me doubling up on security.

NASA is going to PEW PEW the Moon and no this is not an Onion article

Ezra Klein says "Health care reform is in danger" and he makes a great point, money and figures should not be what Congress is looking at, the people without affordable health care is what Congress should be looking at.

Damn Eric Holder is a bad ass

See nuclear weapons are bad, nuclear power plants are good

When Republicans who have been out of touch with technology for years starting diving in head first into things like say....Twitter....they get Pwn'd

Global Warming and Climate Change deniers, I give you facts on a platter


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Night Music with Frank- Miniature Tigers

I have always found that as I get older there are certain friendships based on two things; music and booze. Now it is not to say we do not have many other things in common, but no matter what the heck I do when I go back to Baltimore and see my buddies, we talk music while boozing. It is probably the best times. I grew up in an area surrounded by eclectic tastes and the beltway bullshizz, music in high school was my escape. And so my friend Mikey texted me late last week and all he said was "Bro, Miniature Tigers, go listen they are silly." Silly indeed. Thank you Mikey from Baltimore, MD.

A little snippet about Miniature Tigers:

Miniature Tigers is a pop rock band with elements of indie pop based in Phoenix, Arizona. The band is made up of front man Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier on drums and vocals, Algernon Quashe on guitar, keyboards, vocals and Alex Gerber on bass, vocals.

The band is currently signed to Modern Art Records, a label created in a partnership between members of the band Chronic Future and Epic Records.

Miniature Tigers began their first national tour in October 2008, which included playing a set at the 2008 CMJ Music Marathon.Darren Robinson, the guitarist from the band Phantom Planet toured with Miniature Tigers from January to March of 2009 playing lead guitar on the Ben Folds tour. The band will play the 2009 Monolith Festival in September.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

A Letter for Illinois Friends

I received this email from a reader and friend. I think it gives a great perspective on Illinois, the current economic crisis and government in general:

Hello Everybody,

I'm sorry to send a big, mass email like this, but I feel compelled to try and make people aware of something that may seriously impact us all in one way or another. In attempts to try and balance the budget without raising taxes, the state is planning to cut about 75% of the budget for social services in Illinois as of July 1, 2009. I work for an agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness, which will of course be drastically affected and have to reduce services, but other programs that would be eliminated altogether include the WICK program which provides diapers and formulas to mothers and infants, crisis services for people who have experienced rape or trauma, and mental health services for foster and adoptive families. I can tell you that just from the perspective of my agency, hundreds of clients will lose programming, housing and job placements, which in the end will inevitably create an even greater strain on our communities.

You are all my friends, and I wouldn't have emailed you if I didn't think you would care about something like this. I know that everybody is incredibly busy and taxed with their own personal and political dilemmas, but I encourage you all to at least stay tuned-in to this. Below is a link to a blog that has information about what services are being cut, who is affected and how much they are being affected. Below that is a link to a website that will allow you to input your zip code and it will bring up the name, phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses of your state representatives. If you feel compelled, send a letter or make a phone call to tell your representatives how you feel about such a dramatic cut in needed social services in Illinois.

Thank you all so much,




I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Proud member of The Windy Citizen

When it rains...listen to music

Portugal the Man, live...busy work day.


Get Your Dunkin' Wednesday

Last night the lady was a little sick so we stayed inside and watched the debacle that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Fake boubies, spoiling children and all out RAGE! It was like watching an entire family meltdown up close, but you do not have to comfort your lady when all the shizz hits the fan. Fuggin' awesome. I must say, although I was quite disappointed about the Cross-Town series being postponed and as much as I find these shows terrible for glorifying money, tackiness and in fighting...Teresa flipping out was just about the best thing I have seen on teevee all year.

Here are your highlights:

Sammy Sosa, a juicer? By now no one should be surprised, but if it was allowed, then why is it called cheating...Proof yet again baseball has not been America's sport for years. It is about time they just printed the list and get the scandal done with.

The "Holy Grail" of torture

FINALLY, you can have an Optimus Prime head

LGBT community keep putting the President's feet to the fire, it works- this is an open acknowledgment that is a small step and needs to point to a growing understanding. It is about equal rights.

Free Market Fairies

Mexico and COCAINE SHARKS!!!!

Republican Family Values Tour
and is anyone else tired of the "Support the Troops" load of crap from the Right?

The abyss hits Adobe, FedEx and some say we need to do more. We just received news not too long ago that the building my company resides in might go into foreclosure. Slowly, but surely over the past year we have seen companies get up and move out. The buildings first floor offices are vacant. The building amenities have lessened and it is clear in the surrounding buildings as well, this is far from over.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conservative I Am

There is some buzz around a recent poll released by Gallup. The claim is that "Conservatives are the Single-Largest Ideological Group."

Victory!!! Hooray!! I toooold you we are a center right nation!

Not so fast. There is some data to look at and Gallup does provide that, but as Digby ellaborates nothing really has changed. One thing to point out is that the question asks simply, "How do you describe your political views, very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal and very liberal?" It is important to note because not many will readily admit that they are "very" anything let alone politically "very" anything. When asked that question I am sure Michael Moore would call himself a liberal and Bill O'Reilly would call himself a moderate. It is a question with little of no substance despite the argument. Yet there will be those that will run with it like wild-fire.

Victory!! Hooray!! Center right nation!! GOP GOP GOP!!

Hold up. Gallup adds this important anecdote:

There is an important distinction in the respective ideological compositions of the Republican and Democratic Parties. While a solid majority of Republicans are on the same page -- 73% call themselves conservative -- Democrats are more of a mixture. The major division among Democrats is between self-defined moderates (40%) and liberals (38%). However, an additional 22% of Democrats consider themselves conservative, much higher than the 3% of Republicans identifying as liberal.

The breakdown is simple when asked Democrats carry a broader range and amongst them differing views while conservatives are solidly Republicans and vice versa. What does this all mean? Well really not that much, we already knew that. When you phrase the question in this matter you get this result. However, another particular part of interest is that those questioned in the demographics of 18-29 and 30-49 seem to be promising. Someone who is 29 is not that far off from being 30, if you get where I am headed. It is no wonder the push during the election was to "Get Out the Vote" and "Rock the Vote." The shift might be coming.

The pattern is strikingly different on the basis of age, and this could have important political implications in the years ahead. Whereas middle-aged and older Americans lean conservative (vs. liberal) in their politics by at least 2 to 1, adults aged 18 to 29 are just as likely to say their political views are liberal (31%) as to say they are conservative (30%).

I recently argued with my uncle who is a centrist that the political spectrum could shift. He argued that the only way to govern is from the center. I argued yes that might be true to date, but history has never shown that the center can not shift, realign or dramatically change. The Gallup poll when looking at the younger demographics show promise for what I see as a shift of center. The fringe in the Republican party isolates itself, the Republican Party begins to look more like the Clinton Democratic Party and the Democratic Party begins to be Progressive. I might be drinking the "hope kool-aid" or maybe from my experiences and those I know lead me to believe it could happen.

Finally I want to add that the word conservative is not considered as devilish as the word liberal, in effect I could be considered conservative rather simply...example:

I am conservative when asked about military spending
I am conservative when asked about my future children and their future deficit
I am conservative when asked about the government infringing on my rights to wield a ninja sword
I am conservative when asked about whether CEO's receiving TARP money should get bonuses; I vote zero bonuses
I am conservative when asked about privacy, I want my privates private
I am conservative when asked about politicians and their mistresses, do you really need more than one?
I am conservative when asked about the Lakers winning more championships
I am conservative when asked about water, we should conserve

It is clear that I am in a lot of ways conservative.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

cross-posted at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

Stay Classy Bill O' Reilly

In case you have not seen this yet. Bill O RAAAGGEESSS and Joan Walsh gets in a dig so deep Bill O is left ending the conversation. It is no wonder Bill already has re-edited the footage to make Walsh look as if she was in the wrong.

Look, I get RAGE. I welcome it. What I do not like is people yelling over people leading to utter chaos. It does nothing for the real debate and it ends up being noise not a conversation...although that is all Bill's show really are, a place for him to yell, to bully and to spread more hate talk.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Man, I might need another cup of coffee. This morning was a struggle as I ran into major difficulties loading a site project for my Design class. That is right I design AMERICA! On the side Frank is rather artistic and I am working on a secret, super, CIA like project for the good of America. You are welcome in advance. Just for Laughs hits Chicago and some talents that once were regulars in the local circuit our paying us a sweet visit. If you want to check out a show go tonight to Chicago Underground Comedy, with Dan Telfer, Mike Bridenstine, Jared Logan, Adam Burke, Nick Vatterot, Team Submarine and Renee Gauthier. I featured Renee up above as she is a rockstar female comedian on an all guy lineup. Plus she is actually a very sweet person even though she has snarky and sassy humor. Enjoy!

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A letter on Health Care Reform

The GOP is Dikeme Mutumbo-ing

I was at the pump yesterday and noticed the sudden spike in Chicago. Let me guess, those execs want their bonuses they so so so deserve.

Iranian blogosphere and Tweets keep us up to date on their election, Greenwald touches on what I said yesterday, what if? And Juan Cole gives hecka analysis

Kanye in a new ad of awkward

California here I don't come. The budget woes continue and Governator is a human wrecking ball and for some reason people still do not care and others...well they are moving to Oklahoma.

Wingnuts surround us all and they have nice shiny billboards

Read the President's remarks on Health care...and really who boos and hisses about MALPRACTICE, man oh man no wonder the AMA has blocked reform for years. They became doctors to live large in their Beamers.

the Nonsensical Asian Sex Selection Article