Friday, June 26, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Last night I was in shock. Complete shock as the rule of three dropped a bomb, Michael Jackson passed away. For all the trials and tribulations of his life at his pinnacle there was no one better in pop than Michael Jackson. Growing up he was an inspiration of performance, attitude and an icon. It is clear as the day after reports come in, he was bigger than Elvis. Globally his outreach changed pop culture like no one had done before. Everyone has said what can be said. The saddest part is we together watched his rise and ultimately his fall; a tragic and triumphant figure torn by the fame bestowed upon him. He will be remembered for controversy, oddities, kindness, philanthropies, moves and style, but above all his music and "they way he made us feel."

Here are your highlights:

Harold Koh confirmed, SUCK IT!

the Repubs hate Cap N Trade, so much so they keep going with fake stats and even contradict one another.......some people just want the world to look like much for the future of our children

NBA Draft- the analysis

Sanford's sex drive another blow to the GOP
(sorry I couldn't resist)

Carrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeefulll boys, G8 to have Iran peace solution meeting

, play it, love it and create it. If you have time video game it up buddies!

Jay Rockwell lays down the truth about pushing forward the public option in Congress, while Progress Illinois picks up on locals Schakowsky and Durbin fighting the good fight, Krugman weighs in and says what a lot on the Left needs to make clear. The Republicans do not care about HEALTH CARE. It is not the issue to go fishing for compromise.

Media Matters vs. Savage Nation


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