Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

GOOD MORNING JUSTICE! Well let's just say so much for the DHS report, the right wing extremist talk and hate speech nonsense. With guys like Rush Limbaugh encouraging peacefully getting the military to overthrow the elected President, it is all just satire, in jest or a joke. Riiiiight. Can we just clearly call his show the Racist Rush Show, or Right Wing Hate Talk with Rush or does that just go without saying? Oh well, he makes money for whoever he works for and no one will actually STOP HIM. But he never stokes the fires....never...Pffttt. Two days of work and then a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice vacation beoyotches! So fugg it, 4th of July is for celebrating the America I live in not Winguttia!

Here are your highlights:

Jobs is back, no Steve jobs not actual jobs

Gets ousted in his pajamas, but he is never down, wonder if Honduras will be the next Iran, what color haven't we turned into a ribbon?

Arizona, Mississippi, Indiana, Pennsylvannia, and California OH MY!

Iraqis celebrate troop withdrawal- Mission Accomplished

Obama gave a great speech to this LBGT community and said what needed to be said, with a little anecdote many of us discussed last Tuesday, President's don't make policy, Activists make policy

RUDY HAVE THEE NO SHAME!!!!!! It nevers fails, media fail, GOP fail, Rudy fail.

Science is a good thing, for the past eight years we thought Jebus would just fix our mess, it has not and will not happen. Science is good and reading is fundamental.


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