Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Man, I might need another cup of coffee. This morning was a struggle as I ran into major difficulties loading a site project for my Design class. That is right I design AMERICA! On the side Frank is rather artistic and I am working on a secret, super, CIA like project for the good of America. You are welcome in advance. Just for Laughs hits Chicago and some talents that once were regulars in the local circuit our paying us a sweet visit. If you want to check out a show go tonight to Chicago Underground Comedy, with Dan Telfer, Mike Bridenstine, Jared Logan, Adam Burke, Nick Vatterot, Team Submarine and Renee Gauthier. I featured Renee up above as she is a rockstar female comedian on an all guy lineup. Plus she is actually a very sweet person even though she has snarky and sassy humor. Enjoy!

Here are your highlights:

A letter on Health Care Reform

The GOP is Dikeme Mutumbo-ing

I was at the pump yesterday and noticed the sudden spike in Chicago. Let me guess, those execs want their bonuses they so so so deserve.

Iranian blogosphere and Tweets keep us up to date on their election, Greenwald touches on what I said yesterday, what if? And Juan Cole gives hecka analysis

Kanye in a new ad of awkward

California here I don't come. The budget woes continue and Governator is a human wrecking ball and for some reason people still do not care and others...well they are moving to Oklahoma.

Wingnuts surround us all and they have nice shiny billboards

Read the President's remarks on Health care...and really who boos and hisses about MALPRACTICE, man oh man no wonder the AMA has blocked reform for years. They became doctors to live large in their Beamers.

the Nonsensical Asian Sex Selection Article


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