Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Thursday

Hey ya'll! It is Thursday! Yeehaw! I am hooting and hollering because this weekend will be another spent in central Illinois for a down home wedding. As was last weekend's this should be fun and quite a good time. I am having trouble focusing these days on design work, so if anyone would like to partake in my Photoshop skillz course, holla at me, I got 20 bones I can give you to do my assignments. Next week there is a show you should all attend, why? Because it is an ALL ASIAN SHOW. Cleverly titled, Asian Invasion or Comedasian or Asiamedy? I will give you more of the details till then...

Here are your highlights:

Green shoots in the economy...not so fast, I raise you 6.69 million

sox win : (

Someone asked is "the President scared of Fox?" I do not think so, but if I were him all those non-right wing extremist who quote Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck would have me doubling up on security.

NASA is going to PEW PEW the Moon and no this is not an Onion article

Ezra Klein says "Health care reform is in danger" and he makes a great point, money and figures should not be what Congress is looking at, the people without affordable health care is what Congress should be looking at.

Damn Eric Holder is a bad ass

See nuclear weapons are bad, nuclear power plants are good

When Republicans who have been out of touch with technology for years starting diving in head first into things like say....Twitter....they get Pwn'd

Global Warming and Climate Change deniers, I give you facts on a platter


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