Monday, June 22, 2009

Nemesis Malkin Hates Herself

It is apparent that Michelle Malkin hates the fact Michelle Obama has the same first name. She has more linkage on the ole Google than her and is an actual respected voice with high approval ratings in America. What really pisses me off is MICHELLE OBAMA IS THE FIRST LADY!

Where oh where was any of this crap when the Bushies paraded about? Where oh where was any of this when Nancy Reagan was parading about? Oh that's right, they were on Planet Winguttia!

This sad sack of self-hating Filipina continues her crusade against everything Michelle Obama and it is classless and disgusting. I wonder what Malkin would say if someone said they same stuff about her...probably "I HAVE CHILDREN! DEAR GOD! FEMINISM, SEXISM!" But the truth is she has no walls, no moral or ethical compass, lies and makes stuff up.

On Winguttia that is how it works.

Because you see if Michelle Malkin had graduated from Princeton, and received her Masters from Harvard. Then after her studies she was hired and had a career at a prestigious law firm while also working for various non-profit organizations. If Michelle Malkin had any experience as the head of anything let alone a CEO of prestigious university hospitals, I am sure she would be "classy", "gorgeous" and a guiding light for American women everywhere.

On Winguttia that is how it works.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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