Thursday, June 25, 2009

the Importance of Perez Hilton

Yes, I just wrote that. Tuesday as I stated earlier was great Drinking Liberally. I had the opportunity to sit with many intelligent and insightful individuals. One subject that was brought up was Perez Hilton. The two lesbian women next to me cringed immediately. One was so apt to say, "I wish I was there to see him struck." A snarky retort to say the least. When asked to elaborate she stated that he hurts as much as he helps. And so the discussion evolved.

On one side Perez Hilton can bring awareness or be a role model to those still in the closet, but mind you he is a Hollywood leech (a place far more liberal in its understanding of LGBT issues). It is different "over there." On the other side he enables with his rude and oft times crude posts, the flamboyant lifestyle, and his recent abhorrent use of the word "faggot"; he is a detriment to the LGBT community by perpetuating stereotypes.

The true issue, however most have and I have with Perez Hilton is he defines most of what and who he is by his sexuality. In the public eye it is Perez GAY Hilton. Now that is not to say that is who he is, yet that is how he has portrayed himself. And for many in the LGBT that changes the discussion from INALIENABLE rights to "the GAY" rights.

It is after all about basic human rights, that is what the LGBT is fighting for and Perez Hilton in all his self-aggrandizing way hurts the cause with his use of slurs, constant pageant queen bashing and "fugly" dialogue. Perez should apologize, quit playing victim in every "he said she said story" and understand it is not all about him. There are doctors, teachers, construction workers, bar tenders, comedians, actors, managers, marketers, architects, artists, politicians, policemen, firemen, writers, and many many other professionals waiting to not be considered a second class citizen.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: I must clarify, there is nothing wrong with being flamboyant, it is how Perez goes about it and exaggerates it that makes him disingenuous. h/t TomofChicago

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