Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Friday

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Well hello Friday. I have a ton of work to do today, so today will probably include only short tidbits here and there. Apparently some people did not like my take on the 9-11 dot com stalling the Ground Zero rebuild. I stick by what I say, there is a bigger picture to the thoughts of America then and some would prefer to keep it that way. In a completely unrelated personal note, I am going to another wedding this weekend in good ole central IL and the bride and groom will be Mr. and Mrs. Rural King.

Here are your highlights:

Cubs WIN, wish I was not at work when this went down, best part of my day was getting off the El and a ton of dejected Sox fans were getting heckled. Their witty response, "We have a championship!" Wow. Still living in 2005 and 1985, the South Side.

Krugman this Friday is all about Ninja Finance

Hollywood out of ideas decides it is time to ruin another fun 80's movie, Teen Wolfie

John Boehner still a douche, of course all the liberal bias media will let him hammer off Luntz talking points unchallenged and without a hypocrisy watch

Ovechkin still the best player in hockey

Democrats have no barrs on Health Care
and the need to remember who the people ACTUALLY VOTED FOR and not listen to the "Mafia" that is the health insurance companies

When the Dear Hunter put up a new song on their Myspace listen because it most certainly rocks

Dan Froomkin was let go unexpectedly from the Washington Post for being a great writer, a great journalist and above all calling out the bullshiz. Greenwald of course is on top of it. And when will people get over this liberal media bias crap. It does not exist.


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