Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Tuesday

Bailey does his Health Care impression

Tuesday get busy from the get go. No fun. Last night was interesting as I failed for the third time at an attempt to finish my homework from Photoshop class. Uggh. Getting back into school mode nearly impossible. Besides that tonight is another gathering of awesome. Earlier this morning I was listening in on the radio and there was some positive dialogue, this week starts the push by the White House we have all been waiting for...

Here are your highlights:

Stupid acting stupider. When you want to claim something is bias make sure you have a sound argument, not a pfffffft argument. 72% are in favor of the public option and you would be to, if you read and understood what it means.

Another reason to hate Michelle Obama, she gets her hands dirty with Maria Shriver

The Dear Hunter- Act III: Life and Death- got it and it is epic, review later

SC Governor Sanford goes missing, state in a "tizzy" and bravo to his PR team. Dude went AWOL, my guess to escape slavery from recovery.

Chicago's Mayor Dick

Hawaii says "we face threats every day from everywhere" N. Korea is not as scary as a hurricane

Big Brother just lost an eye and an ear

Let's face in the debate on health care one side is fine with a monopoly and cash in their pockets, the other is worried for some reason they have to get a couple of those guys to see the light and Harry Reid is about as useful as baby's diaper full of poop


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