Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Monday

Wow. That weekend went too fast. Our drive to central Illinois was met by three of the craziest storms I have ever seen. Thank God we missed the tornadoes. The wedding was the first reception I had ever been to that included a full on fireworks display...yes...fireworks. I have also come to the conclusion that if you have an outdoor wedding bring extra fans, not just some fans, but extra extra fans, so you won't have to read all about it the next day in THIS BLOG. IT WAS TOO HOT! I was sweatin like Limbaugh in a pharmacy! Hooah!

Here are your highlights:

Froomkin was fired
so we could have more puff pieces about the men who helped get us IN TO THIS FUGGIN MESS. Mitch McConnell, American 2009.

MMA round-up

See if George Will calls you "foolish" you might want to quit repeating stupidity on air. Iran updates.

Congress, the meatheads and the talking heads all call it "socialized medicine", but the people do not care what you call it, they just want coverage at a fair cost- Dear Congress, how is that gubbament health care treating you?

Aww that is what they were doing...YouTube ads Movie Trailer section

Progress Illinois- as I posted last week, time for our reps to get some barrs and not cut social service programs, but find funding for them

Andrew Sullivan is more than on the Iranian bandwagon, it is now his wagon

Darkest Hour, the Eternal Return- insert devil rock horns here

"health care is one of those areas where both popular opinion and sound public policy seem to take a backseat to protecting those stakeholders who benefit from the status quo." - Nate Silver on Health Care

Mythbusting Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism


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