Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Letter for Illinois Friends

I received this email from a reader and friend. I think it gives a great perspective on Illinois, the current economic crisis and government in general:

Hello Everybody,

I'm sorry to send a big, mass email like this, but I feel compelled to try and make people aware of something that may seriously impact us all in one way or another. In attempts to try and balance the budget without raising taxes, the state is planning to cut about 75% of the budget for social services in Illinois as of July 1, 2009. I work for an agency that serves adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness, which will of course be drastically affected and have to reduce services, but other programs that would be eliminated altogether include the WICK program which provides diapers and formulas to mothers and infants, crisis services for people who have experienced rape or trauma, and mental health services for foster and adoptive families. I can tell you that just from the perspective of my agency, hundreds of clients will lose programming, housing and job placements, which in the end will inevitably create an even greater strain on our communities.

You are all my friends, and I wouldn't have emailed you if I didn't think you would care about something like this. I know that everybody is incredibly busy and taxed with their own personal and political dilemmas, but I encourage you all to at least stay tuned-in to this. Below is a link to a blog that has information about what services are being cut, who is affected and how much they are being affected. Below that is a link to a website that will allow you to input your zip code and it will bring up the name, phone numbers, email and snail mail addresses of your state representatives. If you feel compelled, send a letter or make a phone call to tell your representatives how you feel about such a dramatic cut in needed social services in Illinois.

Thank you all so much,


I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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