Thursday, June 18, 2009

9-11 Dot Com, Why Ground Zero is still a Vacant Lot

Officials announced that plans to fill the hole of the Twin Towers were stalled yet again. Some have said that it was a win for Al Qaeda, however I would argue it is another win for the Bush/Cheney administration. And further more a win for the Rovian politics of fear and as I like to call them the collective 9-11 dot com.

We have now for the past eight years been reminded and reminded and reminded of 9-11. The horror, the terrorists, the fear, the tragedy, the families and the brown people; they all have been part of our narrative since that day. It was the most tragic event on US soil. We know that and in case you missed it, you now know by the speeches of Bush, Cheney, Giuliani and all the talking heads on Faux News. Each one follows their reasoning and complete disdain for American values and the Constitution with the tag line 9-11 dot com.

The Twin Towers were considered a symbol of all that Al Quaeda hated about America now they are symbolic of what America has become. There was a time when Americans thought that we should not let terrorists get the best of us. We championed two wars and showed the world that we would not back down. But what has become clear over the years is that the Bush/Cheney administration used the Twin Towers as a cheap parlor trick into war, various infiltrations into citizen privacy and eight years of reckless fear mongering politics. With one attack and the tragic loss of many we have marched into war losing more lives than we initially did on 9-11.

The response should have been clear post shock. Allow mourning, rekindle a wounded patriotic spirit and reclaim our nation as a nation for all people and by the people. Prove as we have done time and time again we are resilient and the higher ground is better than sending more and more ground troops. I thought during that time that Americans would have found a way to say “Hey Taliban FUGG YOU,” and built even bigger towers with huge flags on the top, but that didn’t and won’t happen because we keep visiting 9-11 dot com. It is a constant reminder of the stranglehold the Bush/ Cheney administration has on our thoughts. We fear another attack, Cheney warns of another attack, we fear if we build a building more terrorists will bomb or fly planes into said building. And more fear the brown people.

Their idea was simple. Leave the hole in the ground. Let the wreaths, pictures and dedications surmount. Leave the hole in the ground. Let people walk by it everyday as a reminder of the worst. Leave the whole in the ground. Let the people pat you on the back all the way into war.

The reason we have that hole, the whole, in the ground is simple. 9-11 dot com wants it that way. It leads people to panic at every fly by. It leads people to justify torture. “Hey you were not there.” “You did not see the horror” But I do live in America, I have read history books and what I have learned is Americans build and re-build. We take the worst and we turn it into the best. We preserve in a positive manner. America has had its fair share of tragedies, but none more mishandled than 9-11.

I live in a city that before the turn of the 20th century was rebuilt after a tragic fire. In 1871 Chicagoans gathered soot and dirt, hammered out steel, placed brick and put an entire city back together, better than it was,. So what is taking New York and rebuilding the World Trade Center so long? It is clear 9-11, 9-11, 9-11 dot com.

Some would argue zoning issues, building investors, the economy, yet the abomination that is Trump Syringe was built in three years (development took longer because of fear of 9-11), is 90 something floors and blocks about five other buildings views of the Chicago River. “But New York and the bureaucrats and and 9-11.” All the mishandling by Patterson and Bloomberg only continues to the slow process. There is no reason for us not to have a building or two buildings or three for that matter. Businesses foreign and domestic would embrace a new building despite the economy if not for patriotism itself. We have mourned, time has passed and it is time to quit giving in to the 9-11 dot com ideal.

If Al Qaeda bombs or attacks that building, we will build another one and another one and another one. If we let it remain a hole in the ground, we not only allow Al Qaeda to win, but we allow 9-11 dot com continue its fear politics and that, my friends, is what they want because America to them (and the world) is full of vermin, terrorists and evil....not the few soulless Republicans willing to manipulate it all for profit and power.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

I will write 9-11 one more time to compete with the Dick’s speech on national security.

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