Monday, June 29, 2009

Frank Rips the Health Care Debate

It begins: Frank gets out of his cubicle and starts ripping phone books with his bare hands and yells HEALTH CARE!!!

Two words, what is so difficult to understand HEALTH and CARE

So why is it that the debate suddenly turns to deficits or price tags and free markets, when not a one of these fuggin guys mentioned any of these when we decided TO GO TO WAR!

Oh that’s right blowing up people, sending OTHER citizens children is of no concern, starting war of FAKE precedence did not have anything to do with wasteful spending or deficits. No sir ree, freedom costs $1.05!

Frank takes a phonebook and eats it, that’s right eats it. He stomachs an entire phone book of rage. Oh wait sickness, spinning room. Vomit.

That’s what HEALTH CARE and its ensuing debate does to good ole US of A Frank. Sickness. Now let me go call my doctor, to be referred to a doctor about said sickness, only to be charged for every run around cruddy test, then send me back to before said doctor to doctor up another referral to find out the reason for Frank’s sickness is I am allergic to bullshit.

Oh but that would not matter to the turds on the right and Blue Dogs * couch Republican operatives who would rather worry about dollar signs and monopolies for their dear friends in the insurance industry. You see because when it comes to HEALTH and CARE, they do not want you to hear stories because it exposes their profit business based basic and essential care. That would be the truth. They do not mind bankruptcy filings rising because of medical bills, that means more money, more poor people and a lot more people to lock in and watch their lives get ruined. With a muahahaha and kick down the stairs as they and their insurance industry buddies smoke the 100 dollar bill just for the fugg of it.

Only in America is your health for profit. “You can’t fix the broken health care system with a public plan” “Deficits and spending matter…now” “Government run insurance would never work excepts that it already works” “Free markets save pocketbooks…I mean lives.”

Frank kicks over his desk cutting his shin, it bleeds, he wraps it in phone books because who would want to call your doctor, be charged 50 bones to talk to your doctor, so he can send you to specialists who then charges you 50 bones, who then sends you to a surgeon to get STITCHES. Ka-Ching.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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