Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

some pokerface and david choi for dat azz

Hello hump day. Phew. Half way through the week and much to do still. I have a show on Friday at CCPA, so if you want to see me headline that would be a good time. Not telling you where that is but those initials are a giveaway for communist, socialist, tire burning humor, come on out PEOPLE! Last night was a great Drinking Liberally with discussions ranging from LGBT community issues, the Pride Parade, Iran, Winguttia, Glenn Beck, Health Care positives, theology and calling out our lame Senators who are backed by the health insurers *cough Baucus...

Here are your highlights:

Ezra interviews Atul Gawande

Anybody care about France? Sarkozy is one cracked out dude, he is "shaking up the cabinet." I love how the French refer to Sarkozy has right wing when he is still left of our Democrats in Congress.

Protests in Iran capital halted, wonder if Obuttsman McCain will call for United Nations troops to show some authorite'

When THEY cheat on THEIR wives you do not get impeached you get applause, stay classy Repubs

Even more reasons to pass an income tax in Illinois

So let me get this straight Sanford was not hiking with the nude enthusiasts, he was in Buenos Aires? Hmm wonder what he was doing there....

Nixon thought the current President should have been aborted
- and myself too most likely

A little late on this Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, guess what it looks like Tim Burton! It is just me or does he really spend most of his time making every character look like him in some way even his wife. That make his weird even weirder.

Asian Pacific Americans for Health Care

Lots of links, enjoy your day, Chow!

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