Friday, February 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Love is in the air! Or maybe not? I am for one am not a huge fan of the Hallmark lady, but on these things I have learned to defer to my lady. We have light plans and heavy dinner in store with maybe a few surprises ;) No matter what I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend, President's Day! Hooray for old dudes! Hooray for Founding Fathers! Hooray for having a mother effin day off! Okay got that out of my system, I also wanted to point out that Blogger has allowed me to add pages with a nice little widget they provide. I now have an "About" and "Frankisms" page. The latter is a page dedicated to explaining phrases that have caught on since the inception of this blog. I am going to hopefully clean up the tags and get a little more organized over the weekend, but you never know Poozers!

Here are your highlights:

Bill Clinton released from the hospital

Sad, disgusting and just plain awful: Tenn Mosque Vandalized after being called "homegrown jihad"

MySpace death spirals

KOWABUNGA!!!! A real life Ninja Turtle Van!

Senate GOP backs down...a bit...on their ridonkulous holds on Obama's nominees

RIP Alexander McQueen, it is always sad when an artist takes his own life. McQueen was truly a gifted designer and icon within the fashion world. His attitude and spirit were one of a kind.

Here is how our current political discourse works, John Cole writes out step by step of what we deal with and although funny it is tragic. A prime example is the "debate" over whether to include a Consumer Protection Agency in the Financial Reform bill in the Senate. The fact that elected officials by the people for the people have to "protect" or make an agency to "protect consumers" tell you how corrupt and despicable our Congress has become. It is their job to serve in the best interest of the people. It is no wonder nothing ever gets done.


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