Poozers- found from the great pages of Green Lantern, it is the term coined by Kilowog. It basically means a person who is not as cool as you are and thus is a Poozer.

Tax Cut Fairies- politicians and pundits alike whose answer to everything is TAX CUTS!

Donkeys- Democrats behaving badly

Elefuggs- Republicans behaving badly

Greenwalled- In honor of Glenn Greenwald the take down artiste: retired Dec. 2010

Keno- based off the great supporting cast role played by Ernie Reyes Jr in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze. It notes any person stepping up the plate in a time a need or more often one who represents APA in a positive light.

Ninja Thought- what the ninja inside me thinks

Right Wing Xtreme- a common theme on the site. Frank Chow is always monitoring the increasing presence of extremist rhetoric from the Right. Xenophobia, racism, the religious right, Tax Tea Party and etc.

Get Me a Beer- something, anything that might lead one to drink

Headslamondesk- Frank sits at desk. Franks reads something stupid. Head meet desk.

Some Jackie Chan Shit- Asians behaving badly

Fear the Brown People- I call it like I see it. Whether it is "terrorist!" or "border security" a lot of boils down to old fashion fear mongering of the Others.

White People Scare Me- Making fun of the aforementioned freak outs.

Freedom Fries- when a person gets so wrapped up in patriotism and what "real Uhmerika" is about they doing nothing, but expose themselves an nonsensical lovers of Freedom fries

Let God Sort Em Out- the ever popular term when one is in the act of shooting and asking questions later. Commonly attributed to warhawks.

Candy Flavored Cancer Sticks- anyone trying to sell a load of bull, damaged goods or convince people it is okay to destroy yourself

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