Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gary Locke in da White House!!!....Cabinet?

Three strikes your out right? Yesterday President Barack Obama announced his third selection for the position of Commerce Secretary and it is none other than our brother from an Asian mother GARY LOCKE!!!

the crowd goes wild it's a grand slam from P.Obama without the assistance of steroids. he shoots he scores, jordan fades back and that's the game! touchdown, touchdown, rothslecrapper throws the td to santonio holmes! insert other sports references of winning here.

As I highlighted before that makes four members of Obama's team (3 cabinet members) that are of the Asian persuasion and man does it feel good. Not only does Gary Locke represent solid policies, but he looks like my Dad. No really.

Oh Pops, you love your Starbucks

I know Satan Malkin will be spinning her head at this nomination connecting dots with traffic cones, but it is nice to have this squared away. After the Beard that Cashed and the Repub that Psyched, let's hope for a swift confirmation.

In a side note this will confuse North Korea more than anything. Locke-down is the name and he looks this friggin cool. Can you deal with that Kim Jong Il? I thought not (stare of America).

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.


PancerBali said...

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Asian-American Pundit said...

Thanks! I will be posting a ton more soon, been on a little vaca, but now that I am back I am going full tilt.