Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nemesis Shows Class- Malkin Update

Wondering where my rage has gone when it comes to one of my chief nemesis'?

This scab of a human being, this fecal matter, this waste of air was somehow let of out of her Wing-Nut cage on Limbaugh street and made a public appearance and posed for pictures!

Michelle "I am Not Asian" Malkin was spotted gleaming in a photo with none other than one of those "sane" fans of hers. A man using the Nazi-symbol in a great sign comparing our President to Hitler, or the Nazi Movement or is it a crooked Deer Hunter's cross-hairs? Regardless it makes as much sense to eat your own poop than to compare a man newly elected into office who is trying to help those losing their homes, jobs and overall way of life to....the NAZIS! Um what were the Nazi's again?

THAT'S RIGHT WHITE GERMANS! If you don't recall they also were looking for the pure Aryan race!

So by this man's sign he is saying Obama wants to eliminate himself all together? Wing-nuttery at it's finest.

Now onto Malkin, I am declaring her no longer part of the Asian Race, Community and or lineage. I am calling for an immediate Race Draft, Dave Chapelle style.

She can gladly go to the Aryans or whatever made up name for "the perfect race" you can think of and in return we the Asian Community will take Paul Krugman.

He won a Nobel Prize, likes small dogs and is amazingly smart in Math. By my racial scale, he's already 3/4 Asian, now if we can only get them to take John Yoo as well....

I am Frank Chow and Michelle Malkin is now White.

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