Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

At least it's Thursday. I need a vacation. Like a long extended warm weather vacation. Yesterday was tough my for my lady. I'm hoping she gets a break from stupid people and can combat all the people trying to politic her. Me, I just need to start doing what I do and quit letting "being in limbo" get to me. Also too, Wisconsinites keeping fighting the good fight!

Here are your highlights:

Chicago to get a change? Navy Pier Flyover

The libertarian's 3-year-old brains

South Carolina Rep with so much FAIL. Not so Bright

Convincing: Why I Would Never Vote for Rahm

Pac-Man the "Punching Politician"

The man known as "Curveball" lied to the US. Colin Powell demands answers over false Iraq intel - I know we aren't supposed to look back and all, but this is a big middle finger to all the warhawks out there. The ones who questioned others' patriotism for speaking out against the Iraq war. We need to learn from this and grow. So yes we're looking back because it's what we have to do to regain our country's conscience.


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