Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Illinois Tourism Gets a Bone

Should have a big fat billboard that says "Illinois We Don't Piss on Workers, We Love Wisconsin Unions."

It's one thing to have Reagan-esque disdain for unions and organized labors (still unacceptable), but this Governor in Wisconsin is Xtreme:

Under Walker's plan, as TPM has previously reported, most state workers would no longer be able to negotiate for better pensions or health benefits or anything other than higher salaries, which couldn't rise at a quicker pace than the Consumer Price Index. According to the Associated Press: "The proposal would effectively remove unions' right to negotiate in any meaningful way. Local law enforcement and fire employees, as well as state troopers and inspectors would be exempt."

In addition, this asshat is threatening to call in the National Guard if you protest him and "disrupt services." You know what disrupts services? Not paying people, not accounting for rising health care costs, treating companies better than your citizens, and shitting on the people who teach your students and make your city run!

(Frank slams his desk on the ground and pummels it with his bare hands!)

Want to know why people join unions? Because of guys like Governor La La Land who think 40 hour work weeks appeared out of the Free Market Fairy's bunghole!

(Franks lets out a raging scream and body slams an ongoing truck! RAAAAGE!)

Wonder what the Wisconsin Governor would think about citizens voting on his health care? How about how he travels the state? Or where and when he takes a piss? Maybe they should vote on his raise, heck save the state some money and cuts his worthless salary?! And what's with all these Republican so-called freedom lovers hating on the freedom to negotiate rights and better benefits? How UN-FUCKING PATRIOTIC!! *Everything is smashed

(Frank calms down and picks up some of the shrapnel)

At least Illinois can reach out to the tax paying citizens and get them into a cooler, hipper, and less dickish state. We have these funds for rails that your governor was kind enough to pass along : )

All are welcome...okay not you Kenosha.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

Update: Even the Green Bay Packers think Walker is an asshat

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