Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OFA Go F Yourself

Yeah I said it. I've finally had it with the "arm of the White House", this is how you lose your base. When bragging about pay freezes is more important than immigration reform, unemployment benefits and jobs you've lost that hopey changey joy joy feel.


We’ve officially gone around the bend.

OFA, the organizing arm of the DNC, originally began its life as an organization trying to get someone elected on the platform of hope, change, and progressive policies. You had a public option in health care, cap and trade, a more progressive tax system, diplomacy abroad, and a belief in American values of equality and opportunity.

And it's worthy of utter mocking:

That’s right, the organizing project of the Democratic National Committee wants you to organize in support of freezing public worker salaries.

And don’t worry, later in the email, OFA tells you how the Administration has really been responsible on this issue – they’ve frozen salaries of White House officials and political appointees, froze non-defense discretionary spending, and more.

So go out there and sharpen those pencils and tell everyone how great it is to cut people’s pay!

What was once a direct line to Obama supporters is now used as a meager whimpering attempt to convince people that a ball of crap policy is really a shiny piece of gold.

The OFA page can be read here if you want to burn your eyes out with teh stupid.


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