Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Forward all thrusters! Tonight is Drink Liberally & Save the Heartland! I will be a little late to the get together, but will definitely be making an appearance in support of the No Exit Cafe and Heartland Cafe. Don't forget it runs all night and they need our help! This morning did not start well. Did not go well and thus far is continuing to suck barrs. Woke up late, then went to finish off the some work that needed to be done....pfft. Errors. Teh internet hates me. Oh well. It's only Tuesday. The lady and I go to San Fran Saturday to cheer on my little sister as she runs the marathon. Yes the fuggin marathon! What a champ!

Here are your highlights:

Um Sharron Angle makes up cities too - Anyone voting GOP this fall seriously needs to start paying attention or someone who deserves the ruin these morons will bring to Congress

Vote Early! Illinois kicks off Early-voting

Shadow banking robbing our elections

You peons, See the Economy is Fine


A glimmer of hope amongst negativity in our world. The Chilean Miners on the brink of rescue. Prayers for a safe extraction of every single one of these brave miners.


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