Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Yesterday was hectic and all over the place, but I made it to my audition thanks to my trusty phone with GPS. I even arrived early enough to relax, focus on my sides (term for segments of script) and rock it out. All right so I didn't quite rock it out, however it did go well. Of's an you never know. In other news the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown is now available on ITunes! We are worthy of the ITunes overlords. Thanks for those who have thus far taken time out to listen again you can email us at This weekend the lady and me are heading to San Fran. Lil Sis Frank is running the marathon and we will be there to cheer her on (special thanks to my lady for booking this lovely trip months in advance w/o which this amazing occasion wouldn't be possible.) Election day is around the corner, don't forget you can vote early!

Here are your highlights:

Chamber of Commerce's foreign money isn't funny's this for bankrupting our children? Tea Party Frontrunner: Abolish Public Schools

A harsh spotlight in Delaware

Structural? The Fed on Unemployment

Halloween Nerd Style!

Such Conspiratorial Talk Should be Mocked - Henry Paulson would like everyone to forget he ever had his hands in the entire downfall of our economy while making massive profits for Goldman Sachs. Pssst he also got them some extra dough in the bailouts. I believe they call that rigging the game...


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