Thursday, October 7, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I am becoming less numb than earlier in the week, that's a positive. Last night was another successful Laughing Liberally as we celebrated ring leader Matt Filipowicz's birthday. The special guest was Anne Elizabeth Moore an author, activists and pretty much overall bad ass, as comedian Adam Burke put it (paraphrasing) "makes us feel completely worthless for being apathetic." Her work is phenomenal as she is continuing on the path of Studs Terkel as well assisting women in Cambodia to become empowered. It was really fantastic stuff. (I hate using "really" but my brain is still a bit mushy). We also enjoyed the musical prowess of a spectacular emcee D-Nick the Microphone Misfit. Two thumbs up! Lastly and most importantly, the Heartland Cafe and No Exit Cafe are having financial troubles. If you could spare a dime to these two gems of our great city please do. It is just another sign that things aren't quite over yet. DONATE! SAVE THE HEARTLAND!!

Here are your highlights:

Supreme Court weighs the 1st Amendment & Westboro Church

Chris Christie for President of Idiocy!

Gingrich brands Democrats the "Party of Food Stamps"

Should the Skins seek another running back? PORTIS GET HEALTHY DAMNIT!

The contempt for the unemployed Republican show is jarring. As the weekly initial claims look a bit better we are still not near where we need to be. the Free Market Fairy!!


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