Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook Design Changes

Every time Facebook has made changes recently it has actually made the site less desirable to use. Usability matters in design and all the re-organizations, feeds, top news and recent news "enhancements of the past" have been rather shotty. Part of the beauty of the earlier Facebook was its simplicity. Regardless, soon enough and I am not sure when, I think people 30 and over will start moving away from Facebook. Mainly because its appeal will grow tiresome and it's hard to mention one damn thing Facebook has ever done for "me." And if that transgresses; privacy will become important again...

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Steve said...

I think people aren't going to move away from Facebook because the primary value of Facebook is the network effects of it. That is, you use it because all your friends use it. Moving over to a new site would require convincing all of your friends to move with you and the more people you know on FB the more onerous that becomes.

I used to use LJ exclusively for keeping in touch with my circle of friends because most of them were on there. Now though most of those people are also on Facebook and I've thus had little reason to go look at LJ anymore since it's only a small subset of the people I run into on FB.

Asian-American Pundit said...

See I think people will eventually go back to e-mail, perhaps Skype or IChat. For the most part I think eventually Facebook is just going to go too far. And people eventually will get fed up or move on.

I like social networking like the next guy, but I don't think another site is necessary to replace Facebook.

The world existed quite fine before it.