Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

The hump is here! That means only four workouts left in this INSANITY! I can't believe it, almost sad, but I will press on and continue the harder workouts next month. I am honestly psyched to relax. It wouldn't hurt to sip some Gin, kick back and have a PIZZA AND SOME DIM SUM! I am craving some good old fashion Chinese food. Seriously I crave it fortnightly and this INSANITY has been cramping my heritage. Big time! The one thing I regret is not taking our measurements at the beginning. The lady looks amazing. She seriously is trim as can be, I still have a little ways to go, but not gonna lie the results are satisfying. I will share next week!

Here are your highlights:

Blago guilty on one count. Supposedly he barely made it out on most counts. Retrial expected = more golden reality tv.

Is anyone in the mainstream media going to call this out? News Corps aka Rupert Murdoch puts his cash directly in the GOP's pocket

Magnetic mega-stars challenge black hole theory

Graffiti tells the story of Katrina years later

In Hong Kong they are trying to find creative ways to pay respects to the dead. Floating graveyards, the wave of the future?

This should end all debate. "Hallowed Ground" the surrounding area of Ground Zero. (h/t Oliver Willis)


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