Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

This weekend went too fast, but was deeeeligghtful! My lady brought out the A game. I was treated to an amazing dinner at Blue 13, Dim Sum in Chinatown, a Shoreline Boat ride and we finished off the weekend with margaritas. Oh and the big surprise, we are going to the Cubs game tonight! ROCK ON! She really outdid herself. I also received a hilarious apron with a ridiculous picture of myself on it and the phrase "Iron Chef." Yup, the lady loooves my cooking. This week is going to be jam packed with events. Big things are around the corner, but I will have to let you all in on that for a later date. It is some secret ninja stuff. Worth the wait I promise.

Here are your highlights:

SCOTUS nominee is Elena Kagan. The case for her nomination. I would link to Greenwald, but I am about done with him.

WTF happened to Machida. He got KTFO.

Sex, Drugs & Teh Spill Krugman makes a case for good government

The very serious Defense spending cuts, Good Luck With That

1 TRILLION DOLLARS!!! The plan to save Greece, the Euro and the world has led to fast and frenzied day on Wall St. Will it be enough? Everyone sure hopes so.


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