Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fear the Brown People Ctd.


Adam Serwer notices that Democrats are running scared as usual on the issue of this Muslim cultural center being built within walking distance of the 9/11 memorial:

I'm glad Bloomberg is standing up for religious freedom and tolerance, and defending the rule of law against the passing bigotries of the moment is part of his charge as mayor. But I can't help but note the rather dramatic silence of the Democratic Party, who have almost entirely ceded the debate over tolerance and religious freedom to a wing of the Republican Party committed to convincing Americans that every observant Muslim is a potential threat to national security. It's easy to say that this is a local issue, that this is Bloomberg's responsibility. But what's really happened is that Republicans have made standing up for the rights of Muslims so politically toxic that Democrats are afraid to do it.

That's true. But it's becoming fairly common on any issues of race, ethnicity and religion, isn't it? You could say the same thing about blacks and Hispanics too. The right wingers point a finger at one of "the others" to get their mouth breathers all upset and the Dems run for cover. It's amazing how little faith they have in the majority of Americans considering the progress we've been able to make.

As has been pointed out, George W. Bush, for all his faults, kept a lid on the Muslim bashing. I'm only surprised that it didn't bubble up like this sooner.

And when they are done destroying religious freedom they will swiftly find another group suitable for their vitriol hatred. All the while the Democrats will cower afraid to touch any of it with a ten foot pole.

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