Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Terrorists Win

Reminder to the Right: It was not the entire Muslim religion that attacked the U.S. on 9/11.


I am actually heartsick about this. That the official right is now engaged in exactly the kind of thing that empowers Islamism, alienates moderate Muslims and betrays core American values is a deep sign of the cultural and moral rot we face. Dorothy Rabinowitz asserts that there is no need to restate America's commitment to religious liberty, while arguing that, in this case, it doesn't stand. Her case - in which "demagoguery" is now the work of those defending American values and in which "piety" means resisting bigotry - is a study in how the right came to embrace torture, a dictatorial presidency and now, restrictions on minority religions rather than the inheritance of the West.

They are the unwitting allies of the Jihadists; and they want a war with an entire religion. It may even win an election or two, I suppose.

The walls of tolerance and understanding have officially crumbled at NRO. That's about the last of them, eh?

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