Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Holy hell in a hand basket. My morning did not start off right. I have a splitting headache now and don't want to do anything, but sleep. FML. It's raining out. It's humid out. I would like to have a restart. BUT WE CAN'T CAN WE!! Tonight is a party of sorts, it Laughing Liberally. That's right the first Wednesday of the month which means good old fashion liberal tom foolery. The lineup is spicy with local talents; Cameron Esposito, Sean White and the Great Sandini with hosting going to the ever socialist Accountant of Homeland Security. Show starts at 8pm at the No Exit Cafe 6970 N. Greenwood Ave. Be there or be Un-Uhmerikan! Speaking of hilarious watch Colbert pwn Laura Ingraham.

Here are your highlights:

Oxymorons for Congress

Hooray they are winning! Pay cuts for all you suffering people!

Brian May will Rock You

The lady and I talked about this morning. Target supports bigots and homophobes, Targe, My Targe What have you done to me?

I am fiending for some Chinese Food

The sad truth about Prop 8

Calling all crazies! Sharron Angle has just shot herself past Rand Paul as the most ludicrous candidate running this year. By far the nuttiest nut there is...and scarily she has a shot to win. Thank you Harry Reid.


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