Thursday, April 1, 2010

Late Night Music with Mineral

(poor quality)

This video is riveting to me. Mineral was the band to me. For a long, long time. Unfortunately I was never able to see them live. To this day my comparisons to other bands, in this particular genre, all go back to either Mineral, Penfold or Sunny Day Real Estate. Their first album exemplified all the aspects of music I aspired to write. It was gut wrenching. It was emotional without being cliche. It was dynamic. It was inspiring. It had musicality. And above all it kicked ass.

Whenever I hear the breakdown in "Gloria" I still get the urge to thrash about, but refrain. As I hear it today, this is the band that sums up so far the tough and growing years of my life. I can recall driving to basement shows, waxing philosophical and blinking extra hard for the drive home. When I would get home, my ears would be ringing and then I would wake up the next morning ready to face another day of uncertainty. Mineral as my soundtrack.

People just don't write music likes this anymore and rightly so, that's what makes it great.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

On another note: I am considering re-naming my late night music. When I first started blogging I saw many different blogs calling it late night music and posting music that I didn't listen to so I thought "why not my own?" After this post I thinking of some variations of "Some Strangers Basement", "Frank's Basement", "Frank's Mix Tape", "Basement Show" or "Basement Shows and Random Musings." You get the gist. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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