Friday, April 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday


Finally Friday! I think I say that too often...or do I? I am working on writing some new tunes and last night I made some progress. Not sure what they are going to be comedy or my side project, but I am excited. The only issue is I woke up today sore as all hell. Did lady put a hurtin on me, you ask, no. Unfortunately the more I play guitar the more likely I am to have discomfort. So today I will be chatting with the physical therapy clinic and make a schedule in hopes to calm that down. This weekend the lady and I are making a short trip to Central Illinois for the Bunny worshiping. Hopefully the today's 80 degree weather will follow us there. One can only hope.

Here are your highlights:

Teh FED in hot water

Happy Blogoversay to one Driftglass, five years of snark socialist awesome

Hate to beat the dead horse, but the whole ACORN bs still gets to me. ACORN didn't break any state laws and now they are splitting up. Good job Congress!

The doctor won't see you now....

Blast from the past: Georgia passes bill targeting ESL drivers

Anti-Gubbament "Guardians" want 30 governors to resign. Someone is still bitter they were picked last in the bball games all those years ago

It is sad day my friends. One of my favorite venues in the city, the Lakeshore Theater will be shutting down operations on April 10th. It has been the main stop for the best comics nationally and locally the past couple of years. It was a place built with a love for real and honest comedy. Not sure what the paper work situation is, but it seems like another case of predatory creditors. This is probably the biggest loss in Chicago's comedy scene in some time. Pour a 40 oz out for the LST.


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