Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oliver Willis exposes an NRO "symposium" about black unemployment in America and he is surprised that they couldn't find one black person to participate.

I, however am not surprised. The electing of Michael Steele should tell you all you need to know about the Republican and conservative thought on race. It has been for sometime treated as political gamesmanship. Nothing more. (look how quickly they have abandoned the Latino/Hispanic vote). *side note that does not mean conservative issues are only appealing and understandable to a singular race

It is also a well-known fact in D.C. that you only invite the people "who know how things go around here" to your parties. This "symposium" is reflective of an inner Beltway decorum. I assume they would run others with topics such as; "Winning back the Hispanic vote", "Developing Asian-American Small Business" and "Education in America for Arabians" made up of the same exact panelists and not even ponder the idea that there might be something out of the ordinary in it.

As Willis says:

The thing is, there’s no law or rule that only black people can talk about issues affecting black people, or the same for white, latino, asian people, etc.

But considering the way the conservative movement insists that it is diverse, they couldn’t find one black person for their symposium? Not one?

Besides, what does a black person know about running a country during a recession?

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