Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yale Student Annie Le Update

In what seems to be quite sometime a recent development in the Yale Student murder case. Investigators now are requesting additional DNA from the alleged murderer's fiancee.

Huffington Post:

An attorney for the fiancee of a Yale University lab technician charged with killing a graduate student said Wednesday he's been told authorities are seeking a sample of her DNA.
Robert Berke, attorney for Jennifer Hramadka, told The Associated Press that it's unclear why authorities want her DNA. He says he was told in September after Annie Le was killed that she is not a suspect.
"I've been advised that they're seeking a sample of her DNA," Berke said.
Hramadka's boyfriend, Raymond Clark III, is charged with killing the 24-year-old Le five days before Le's planned wedding in September.
Berke said investigators wanted to interview Hramadka shortly after the crime, but the interview did not take place. He declined to comment on his reaction to the move.
A prosecutor and police declined to comment.
Clark and Hramadka were seen leaving a coffee shop in a car in which "blood-like stains" were found hours after Le was killed, according to search warrant affidavits unsealed Wednesday.
New Haven police said in September that they didn't expect to make more arrests in Le's killing.

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